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Upgrade Your Entryway: How to Build a Stylish DIY Modern Wood Slat Coat Hanger

This DIY wood slat coat rack, crafted from recycled wood pieces, is incredibly simple to create and really affordable.

how to build a diy modern wood slat wall

     When we moved into our current house, we discovered it lacked sufficient coat storage, with only a small closet tucked away in the bathroom. Yes, you read that right, the bathroom! The awkward positioning made it impractical for our young kids to use, leading to a constant cascade of jackets strewn across the floor. After a complete bathroom remodel, we repurposed the space into a pantry, leaving us with a spare wall that begged for a coat rack. Despite initial doubts about the design, featuring a back-and-forth pattern with the wood slats, we decided to forge ahead. Surprisingly, once adorned with our coats, the rack's aesthetic was largely obscured, but its functionality shines through. With hooks positioned at a reachable height, even our 2-year-old can proudly hang up her jacket.

simple wood coat rack for the home

Upgrade Your Entryway: How to Build a Stylish DIY Modern Wood Slat Coat Hanger

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how to build a wood slat wall

Step 1: Measure and cut wood

Begin by carefully measuring the intended space where your coat rack will be installed. Determine the desired width of the rack and mark the placement for your wood slats. To visualize the arrangement, you can utilize paper templates taped onto the wall or simply mark the positions with tape. Additionally, select the type of wood and its preferred width for your project. In our case, we repurposed boards salvaged from an old bedframe, resulting in a final measurement of (). Once you've finalized these details, proceed to cut your wood accordingly.

Step 2: Find studs and attach wood to wall

Now that your wood is cut, you need to find your studs. Since we were using black hooks, I wanted my screws to look nice, so I sprayed them all black. It made it seem cohesive with the hooks. After the studs were found, we started measuring and putting the wood pieces on the wall. Now, to make sure all the wood pieces were equally spaced, we used scrap wood pieces the exact size of the distance we wanted them to be. This made it so much easier to space the wood.  

Step 3: Install Wall Hooks

 With the wood slats securely affixed to the wall, it's time to add the wall hooks. Carefully consider the spacing, keeping in mind the dimensions of typical jackets to ensure ample room for each. Start by spacing the hooks widely and adjust as needed, filling in any gaps as you progress. Hanging jackets as you go can help gauge the final look and functionality. While initially aiming to prevent overlap between jackets, it's inevitable in a bustling household like ours!

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