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Friday, October 24, 2014

The Monster Book of Monsters - Harry Potter

Today I had to share my recent Harry Potter creation of The Monster Book of Monsters. It was actually my husbands idea for a birthday present for his mother; she is a big fan of Harry Potter. I wasn't so sure she'd like it, but he was positive. So he came up with the idea and then me and Captain Awesome made it. 
And as it turned out she LOVED it. The best part is that it doesn't actually move or bite. Logistically that just seemed a little too complicated for me. But over all it was fairly easy to make. Especially with my 3 year old who HAD to be part of every step. 
The Monster Book of Monsters - DIY

An old book - I found an used Harry Potter book from goodwill. 
Polymer clay (that you cook in the oven) - Red and White
A 1/4 yard of furry fabric
4 Cat eyes (I got mine at Joanns)

||the Teeth and mouth|| 
I kind of just winged this part and started sculpting the clay until it looked like a jaw. Then I added squished onto the red jaw part triangle teeth. The teeth were super easy to make because they needed to look gruesome so they didn't have to be at all perfect. I then placed both set of teeth on the book as I would want them and then molded it in place. Then I cooked it in the oven at that shape. I then add modge podge to give it a shiny finished look. 
|| The Tongue ||
For the tongue I made it long and skinnier towards the tip. Then I split the tip so it looked snake like. I then took a knife and added a line down the middle of the tongue and some lines along side it to make it hairy like. Also place it in your book in the middle and mold it according. Then cook.  After I cooked it, I placed it in the book again. I didn't like the pages sticking up so I cut a spot out of the pages so it fit in nicely. I also added modge podge to the tongue. 
|| The Rest of the Book ||
Before placing the furry fabric on, I painted the pages with a very water downed brown paint to antique the pages a little.
Then I cut my fabric so it was much bigger than the book. After I had it where I liked, I hot glued it to the front, back and spine of the book. I then cut the fur in the front area so it looked like tentacles.
As for the eyes, I hot glued those as far into the fur as I could. That's it. 
Whether you like Harry Potter or no, this book is the perfect Halloween book. 

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Monday, October 20, 2014

[Baby] Dobby the House Elf, a Harry Potter Costume

For last Halloween, baby sweet cheeks was Dobby the house elf. He was only 4 months old and he made the cutest little elf. Seriously, just look at that smile. 
Dobby the house elf costume
Dobby the house elf costume
DIY Dobby Costume

Old nylons
hot glue or a sewing machine
an old pillowcase

|| Basically I eyeballed a shape of what looked like Dobby's ears (pretty similiar to Yoda ears). Then I cut for felt pieces (two felt pieces for each ear)
|| I then sewed them together with ear contour lines in the middle. 
|| I then measured my baby's head. Then I took the waist part of some old nylons and cut two half circles from the nylons (see below).
|| Take your bottom piece of your hat and lay it down right side up. Then place your ears inside of the hat so the edge of the inner part of the ear is touching the edge of hat. Then place on top of ears the top part of hat, right side touching the ears. Then sew around edges except the bottom. And your done!
Dobby the house elf costume
And seriously, have you ever seen a cuter Dobby?

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 *we'll be possibly sharing this post at one of these blog parties

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Friday, October 17, 2014

2 Year Blogiversary with the Pin Junkie Pary

Today we're joining in with Pin Junkie to help her celebrate her 2 year blogiversary.

Two years ago, Bonnie a.k.a. The Pin Junkie decided to actually do the things she pinned on Pinterest.  She made a few crafts, tried a few recipes and had so much fun, she wanted to share her love of Pinterest with everyone and The Pin Junkie was born!  Now she's completely addicted and working her way through Pinterest one project at a time.  You can join her at:

The Pin Junkie is celebrating it's two year blogiversary and these bloggers are helping to celebrate in style with a HUGE link party! When you share your crafts and recipes at this party, they will be seen on all 40 of these blogs!

Party Rules
1.  Share anything family friendly - crafts, recipes, DIY projects.
2.  Visit other links at the party.  It's always nice to leave some comments and pin from the original source.
3.  Visit and follow a few of the co-hosts.  They'd love it if you dropped by to say hello!

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