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Pegboard for craft storage for craft room space
Did you know March is National Craft Month? Don't worry, I had no idea either until I read it on someone's blog. Well I thought in honor of the month it'd be a good time to finally share my finished craft space. Last year when we participated in the one room challenge, for our Master Bedroom (see the finished room HERE) I never actually finished my craft area space. Yes, it has taken me a WHOLE year to get it all put together. And even still I'm always moving stuff around. 

To not bore you with words, I'm going to overload you with pictures instead :). See the bottom of post for sources. 

Bath Paint || Made With Soap!

Bath paint is perfect for rainy days, snowy days, cold days, hot days, basically for any reason you and your littles are stuck inside. Plus it's made with soap so easy clean up!
Homemade Bath Paint Soap and Cornstarch, perfect as a rainy day activity
I know I'm not the only one getting sick of winter and all that has come with it. I feel like almost everywhere (well except the southern states) have been hit hard by either snow or rain or just plain cold weather. The forecast in the PNW, rain, rain and more rain. I really do love the rain, but there comes a time that you just need sunshine. Especially when your littles just need to get out and run around. 

One Saturday morning, my husband had to work and it was pouring, so finally I quickly mixed up some of this bath paint made with soap and threw all three kiddos in the bath. Needless to say, they LOVED it. AND they stayed in there painting for like 30 minutes and then took a bath for another 30 minutes. Everyone was happy and the clean up was a breeze. 
Bath Paint Soap and cornstarch rainy day activity
Bath Paint Recipe


1/2 cup soap (baby soap or body wash or hand soap)
1/2 cup cornstarch
2-6 tablespoons water (as needed)
muffin tin or other containers
*this makes enough to fill 6 muffin tins

Mix your soap and cornstarch until well homogenized. Add a little water until it reaches a nice paint consistency. Use a brush to test it out. If too thick, add more water, to thin add more cornstarch. Then separate into muffin tins or containers and add your colors. That's it!
Bath Paint Soap and cornstarch rainy day activity
Happy painting!
 photo SISTERSWHAT2017 copy_zpsxtpt4y1h.jpg

Bath Paint Soap and cornstarch rainy day activity

Bath Paint Soap and cornstarch rainy day activity

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DIY Color Blocked Pots for Flowers or Succulents: Perfect for Mothers' Day!

In anticipation for warmer weather and flowers, these inexpensive painted color block plastic pots are perfect for having flowers inside and add some color to home decor. AND their easy and quick to make. This project is perfect for Mother's Day!
DIY Color blocked pots for flowers and succulents
This winter has been a dismal one and I'm pretty sure not just for us in the PNW. While we haven't gotten a terrible amount of snow like many, we've gotten buckets of rain almost everyday and let me tell ya, I'm so ready for sunshine and flowers. 

Upcycled Jenga Blocks - Marbleized and Colorful!

This is a fun little way to upcycle an old jenga block game or add some colors and fun marble patterns to building blocks. Plus, a great activity to do with kids! 
rainbow colorful marbleized painting on jenga wood blocks
Last October I attempted my first time marbleizing with rocks and scrap wood and pumpkins too of course. It was a one of those afternoon experiment with my boys that led to one thing after another. After we did the rocks, scrap wood and pumpkins, my boys were begging to marbleize something else. 

DIY Chair Makeover from Old to New

Last year when I shared our Master Bedroom/ Craft Room One Room Challenge, I showed this old chair that I refinished. The chair is from my parents house that was always in my dad's office and has been sitting in my parents garage for the past few years and has become well loved my cats and dogs. My parents were going to get rid of it, but I thought with a little sanding, all those scratch and bite marks could be easily sanded away. 

Leather Key Fob DIY || Tutorial

This leather key fob/keychain is a DIY and is SO easy and quick to make. Plus it looks classy and makes holding keys on your wrist very simple. This post may contain affiliate links; thanks for supporting Sisters, What!
scrap leather key fob key chain diy tutorial
My husband always likes to compare my keychain with his keychain (when the opportunity arises and they are next to each other); he would tell you that my needs to go on a major diet. So...I have a few more things on my keychain then his big deal! :)

A Two Toned Diy Kitchen Remodel with Hexagon Tiles

Two toned DIY kitchen remodel
This post is a long time 8 months. Well, like mosts my posts on here. But my excuse for this one is a) I've been too lazy to take pictures and b) my kitchen just hasn't been clean...enough. I DO clean my kitchen...but just enough so that the smell of dirty dishes are gone and crumbs are off the floor. However, there always seems to be stuff cluttered all over the counters, and since that stuff isn't food that can grow bacteria, I have tended to ignore it. But enough was enough. This past week, I took a WHOLE day to declutter the kitchen counters of all unnecessary things (which was almost everything on it. It literally took me all day (mostly because kids don't like it when you actually want to get something done - so it takes longer to do). 

 --- > want to see the process of how we spray painted our kitchen? Go HERE

So yay!! I had a clean kitchen and so as not to jinx it I realized I actually needed to finally take pictures of it of our updated kitchen. Last August we updated our kitchen by painting our cabinets, adding tile, updating our counters with granite as well as updating our sink. My goodness, it's amazing what a paint job can do and some new tile. I'm completely in love with it!!! Ok, no more jabbering, let's just show you the pictures. Find details at the bottom of the post. 
a two toned diy kitchen remodel with hexagon tile!!
But first, can I just tell you how much I love how this kitchen came together!! The decision process was surprisingly difficult, like picking the right granite, finding cabinet pulls that we both liked and convincing my husband that hexagon tiles would be the best (obviously I won - but I have a feeling he came to my side because he loves me :) but he actually ended up liking the hexagons). And the undermount sink was a hard decision since I really wanted a white farm style, but I'm SO happy with the stainless steel. 

Oh and the paint color...we actually re-did the paint on the bottom cabinets because the initial blue looked too close to our Alma Mater blue (BYU Royal blue - which we love but not for kitchen cabinets - you can see the cabinets in that blue HERE). Ok, fine, on to pictures.  
a two toned diy kitchen remodel with hexagon tile!!

A Two Toned DIY Kitchen Remodel - the Details with using a Spray Gun

Last Summer, we started the long process of remodeling our kitchen. We decided to go the two toned painted cabinet DIY route and boy was it fun ; ) Ha! actually it was a learning experience, but we're happy it's done. This post is about the process of what we did. 

GO HERE to see more pics of the finished kitchen!

First off, after tons of research, we decided to go the spray paint route. We decided that it was worth investing in a paint gun instead of paying by the hour to rent one. With how much time we spent painting (I mean my husband spent painting) it was totally worth it. My husband spent TONS of time researching and found tons of great reviews for the Wagner Power Conversion Gun. It did require us to get an air compressor too, but totally worth it. He did practice a bit before using it on our cabinets and we were really happy how the paint looked on our cabinets. 

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