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Chunky Finger Knitted Infinity Scarf With Loopity Loop and EZ Yarn

As fall and winter come closer, something about warm crocheted or knitted scarves that is hygge and is part of the essence of winter. Bernat Blanket EZ yarn and  Loopity Loops is perfect and very easy to use to make a comfy and soft infinity scarf.
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chunky finger knitted scarf with leather
September is one of my favorite months. The temperature is finally going down and usually we still have sunny days before the winter rain sets in. Also, the lower temperatures mean that I can start wearing scarves again. Are you a scarf wearer? My favorite scarf is my chunky scarf with leather which I made out of a thick neutral color yarn.  I also have a thing with leather, I love using it for home decor (like my Leather covered Ottoman) and on my  sweater with leather pockets. I could probably go on with all the things that I’ve made with leather, but you can go check them all out yourself.

Modern Harry Potter Printable Bookmarks

These modern Harry Potter bookmarks are filled with favorite book quotes and free to print off. They would make a great gift companion with any Harry Potter gift. Go to end of post to download the bookmarks.
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modern harry potter book marks printable
In case you didn’t know, I’m a small Harry Potter fan…ok I’m a big fan. But, it kind of cooled down for a few years. However as my kiddos have been becoming more cognitive of the world and aware of things around them, they have picked up a little of my Harry Potter fever which has of course adds fuel to the flame. We haven’t read the books to them yet, but this year I feel is the year and I’m so excited!! Reading Harry Potter to my oldest is like visiting a favorite friend. If you are still reading to this point, I’m sure your a fellow potterite and understand what I mean…or you just think I’m down right crazy.
Dumbledore Harry Potter Quotes Printable
Either way, the point is, I love Harry Potter (have you seen these pencil wands or these DIY Hogwart shirts??). It’s more than another fantasy story. Its full of magic that is applicable to us in this life; things that can help us navigate the challenges of this world. Thus to join in Marissa from Raegun Ramblings Harry Potter series, I’m sharing these free Harry Potter bookmark printables (see giveaway at end of post). They have some of my favorite quotes from the books and J.K. Rowling. Whether your a fan or not, these quotes are timeless and perfect for this day and age.
harry potter art printable chamber of secret
Harry Potter lasercut notebook printable art
I actually made the bookmarks initially as part of a favorite things gift exchange with my sisters. They go perfect with my Harry Potter notebook that I bought from Stephanie (from Crafting in the Rain) husband’s shop
harry potter world notebook and bookmark
Download the free printable below:
Harry potter free book printable
Now make sure you enter the giveaway for some awesome prizes below:
Harry Potter gift ideas for the whole family baby kids mom dad and grandparents
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Linen and Lace Blouse Ladies Shirt M7544 Pattern Review

McCalls pattern M7544 is a quick sew and perfect for a summer shirt. You can use cotton or linen fabric and use lace fabric as the contrast to dress it up just a little. This is a sponsored post written in partnership with JOANN. All text and opinions are mine. 
Easy Womans Linen and Lace Shirt
At the beginning of the year, I made a challenge to myself to sew something for me once a month. So far, I’ve finished some unfinished t-shirts, a backpack, a skirt, and yarn wrapped baskets. I haven’t be able to make something every month, well just because life.

How to Sew a Pineapple Fleece Pillow Softy

This DIY pineapple pillow is made out fleece and easy to sew. It's the perfect beginner sewer project and can be snuggled by all ages. Bring summer to your couch with this fluffy fleece pineapple pillow. This post first appeared on Consumer Craft Blog

how to make a pineapple pillow
As you may know by know, we have a pineapple fetish over here. Like this pineapple coloring page or this pineapple cake or these pineapple leggings. It's cooling down...sort of. It all started with the show Pysch which you can read about here

Unicorn Hobby Horse DIY using fleece and faux fur

Learn how to make a Unicorn hobby horse out of fleece and faux fur. This unicorn is made in the style of a hobby horse and It is very simple to make. 

This is a sponsored written by me on behalf of JOANN. The text, project and opinions are all mine :). 
unicorn hobby horse diy with fleece and faux fur

DIY Shark Shirts for Shark Week with heat transfer vinyl

These shark shirts are easy to make using heat transfer vinyl and are perfect to make just in time for shark week. You will feel jawsome in these shirts. 

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shark shirt shark week using heat transfer vinyl

duh....duh...duh.......duh Before my oldest started talking in full sentences, he could hum the theme to Jaws. And no, we did not let him watch a single part of the Jaws movie, but we did teach him theme. I mean, everyone knows that is the sound a shark makes. Have you seen the shark sweatshirt I made him back then? 

Patriotic - 4th of July Hand Lettered USA Wood Sign

This 4th of July wood sign is such a fun and quick project. It can be made using a cutting machine or without. It's a fun way to practice your hand lettering for a personalized look. Use your favorite 4th of July quote or download for free the free file for Sweet Land of Liberty Graphic. 

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of JOANN Fabrics. The opinions and texts are all mine. 
DIY Patriotic Hand lettered Wood Sign on USA Silhouette using Silhouette cutting machine and heat transfer vinyl
To be honest, since living in our house for the past 5 years, I haven't even bothered with decorating for the 4th of July. The only patriotic thing we do is put our flag out in our flag holder. That will then stay up half the year because we're lazy. But this year, I've done two 4th of July projects and I really, really love them both. 

Baby Bandana Drooling and Spit up Bib - Free Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

These baby bandana bibs are perfect for babies who drool or spit up often. The snaps make it easy to come on and off. This is the perfect pattern for a beginner sewer. 
diy baby bandana free sewing pattern - easy sewing tutorial or beginner sewing project
When I had my first little baby, I didn't get why so many people gave me bibs. He rarely spit up large amounts of milk and I didn't bottle feed him, so I didn't see the point. But them my second little boy came along...And boy did he spit up all the time. There was nothing wrong with him, he was just a little spitter. 
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