Geometric Wood Sliced Ornaments

Woodsliced ornaments are really fun and easy to customize in so many ways! These geometric ornaments were surprisingly quick to make and I love the pop of gold. Thanks to Expression Vinyl for supplying the vinyl. This post may contain affiliate links; thanks for supporting Sisters, What!
Geometric Wood Sliced Ornaments
One thing I can't help myself (much to my husbands chagrin ; ) ) is making Christmas ornaments every year. He always says we have enough, but these past few years it has become a tradition that I just can't break. I feel that because Christmas ornaments are small, it makes it an easy Christmas craft and to me the tree is the most important Christmas decoration. So when I was invited by Expression Vinyl to be part of their Ornament Challenge, I was so excited to get my ornament craft on.

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(you can totally vote for mine...I won't tell anyone!)
Geometric Wood Sliced Ornaments
I had this idea of doing a simple scandinavian type of ornament and came across some gold himmeli and suddenly thought how fun would those be on an ornament but with animals as well!! So my geometric ornaments took life.
Geometric Wood Sliced Ornaments
On the back of them, I added words to Christmas songs. Seriously, I love how these turned out. The white and gold make the perfect accent on the green branches of the tree.
Geometric Wood Sliced Ornaments
Geometric Wood Sliced Ornaments
DIY Geometric Wood sliced Ornaments


wood slices (DIY or buy at local craft store or online)

Silhouette Cut File:

*sorry, I did take pictures, but I think they got deleted. 
Measure your wood width and height of your wood slice pieces first. Then change the silhouette files accordingly. 
For the Geometric Animals
Cut your shapes out. Carefully peel the outer layer off your shape. Place it on your ornament and use as a stencil to paint the white background.

After the paint has dried, carefully (using transfer tape) place the geometric shape right on top of the white silhouette shape you just painted. 

For the Christmas Lyrics
Paint the other side of the ornament, completely white and let dry. Then add the lyrics on top. 

Ok, now time to check out all the other fantastic ornaments in the challenge. Go HERE to vote. 

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Geometric Wood Sliced Ornaments
Geometric Wood Sliced Ornaments
Geometric Wood Sliced Ornaments

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See Through Drawstring Toy Bag and LEGO

see through drawstring toy bag...perfect for organizing toys!!
How do you do Christmas for your kiddos? Do you like to make do homemade gift for your kiddos? I don't always do homemade, but occasionally I think of something homemade that would go with the store bought gift. I saw this Draw String Toy Bag - (TUTORIAL HERE)and decided this would be perfect to make to go with the kiddos Christmas gift.  I'm kind of obsessed with it, it took me only 30 minutes to make!

Attitude of Gratitude + Free Printable

I'm a big advocate for gratitude. Maybe it is because of how much happier I am when I'm conciously making gratitude a part of my daily life, or maybe it is because I'm married to a man who says thank you (genuinely I might add) more than anyone I've ever met. Either way I'm a huge fan. If you were to follow my personal blog, Well Rounded (our last name is Roundy), you'd see that this is a true story!
attitude of gratitude free printable
We are always searching for ways to be happier. I think it is safe to say that it is a goal of many. But how much do people spend in search for happiness?? Well I'm here to tell you that I have a free way! Be more grateful. "Have an attitude of gratitude." I guarantee it will make you happier, and if it doens't you can have your money back ;).
The spirit of Gratitude...Free printable!

If you really need some extra help and a friendly/cute reminder download one of these really cute prints that Havalah made for you. I mean lets be honest, who doesn't need a cute reminder to be more grateful!

Enjoy, and stay awesome.

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DIY Framed Clipboard and Giveaway!

Making wall worthy clipboards are very easy and they can be customized in millions of way. I chose to add a frame and vinyl to give it color and character. Thanks to Expression Vinyl for supplying the vinyl and Silhouette and Persia Lou for hosting the giveaway. This post may contain affiliate links. Thanks for supporting Sisters, What! 

This is a DIY framed clipboard that is easy to customize to any size and add some color with vinyl!
One of my favorite DIY home decor items we have are our DIY clipboards. I love using them to change out pictures of my kiddos throughout the year and being in our kitchen they are very much seen. From making those clipboards, I had once clip left over and have been meaning to make another clipboard.

OttLite Natural Daylight Lamp Review + Giveaway

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, natural light is very important to us! Today we're excited to share how we keep our creative spaces well lit. Thank you to OttLite for partnering with us on this post. We did receive product, BUT all opinions are 100% ours. 
When Ottlite contact us about trying out their lamps in our creative spaces, we all said yes! Growing up in the PNW, we learned to cherish the few days of sunshine we have in the winter time. Now three of us sisters are back in the North West and were happy to give these natural day light lamps a try in a creative space.

Marbleize ANYTHING with Spray Paint || Tutorial

ooooh!! use spray paint to marbleize anything!!
When it comes to teaching my little ones, reading and english comes natural. However, since my oldest has gotten older, I've been trying to introduce more sciency things into our daily adventures and recently I've come to love the simplicity of teaching little ones science (ex, gravity - they fall and bam! lesson taught ; ). And let's be honest for a minute, simple science is about all I can even comprehend!!

Caramel Apple Slices

Raise your hand if you love caramel apples but hate when you take a bite and all the caramel falls off. Seriously drives me crazy. So when I saw this idea for caramel apple slices I knew it had to be genius!

Printable Dice - Animal Movement

As the days gets darker and the weather gets rainier, why is it that my kiddos don't have the urgent desire to hibernate like me? I just want to curl up and read a book all day, but my kiddos aren't getting the hint and NEED to be active all. day. long!! So when we are able, we are outside walking or riding bikes.
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