10+ Projects for the Beginner Sewist

Some days I wish I had more time to sew. But I know that one day I will have more time, so for now I do what I can and have fulfilled that desire with smaller and easier projects. 

The other day I was going through all my photos and cleaning them out. Of course I got nostalgic looking at my favorite sewing projects and realized that I still use and see them practically every day. 

That is what I call a project worth doing. 

So here is all my favorites 10 + projects for the beginner sewist (or even advanced - it's nice to sew something easy) that you could do during a quick afternoon nap or before bedtime (your bedtime of course because we all know that it has a low chance of happening before the kiddos bedtime ;) 
10 + projects for the beginner sewist
10 + projects for the beginner sewist
See Through Zipper bag (ok this is a little on the harder -beginner side, but still totally doable!)

 photo HAVASIG copy1_zpsuqfffyef.jpg

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Water Bottle Bubbles

water bottle bubbles; just need a few things already in  your kitchen
I was going through some old pictures from last summer and I came across these fun memories. Seriously it was really fun and funny. I remember both boys super excited about the long stream of bubbles until finally someone decided to inhale instead of blow out...oh boy the faces as they tasted that soap. But they still loved it and had fun. I think it's time I did it again this year. Maybe now that they're both older they'll remember to not suck it in this time ;). 

This is such fun for the whole family even the adults. Most likely you have all the things you need in your kitchen. 

DIY Water Bottle Bubbles

No Sew Tulle Flower Garland Tutorial

   *This post was originally shared on The Ribbon Retreat. I did receive supplies, but all opinions are 100% mine. Thanks for reading. 
no sew tulle flower garland tutorial

I really love flowers, so much I wish I had a big garden of just flowers. However I would need a gardner just for this flower garden because I have yet to figure out how to grow flowers them without killing them - true story. 

Home Made V-Neck Shirt

Home made v neck shirt with pineapple fabric!!
Home made v neck shirt with pineapple fabric!!
Home made v neck shirt with pineapple fabric!!
After sharing those other shirt tutorials this past month, I finally got around this month to actually making me a new shirt...Actually what happened was my husband took the boys on a church father and sons camp out and that means I had all night to sew me a shirt. 

I ordered a while back this Pineapple Fabric from Girl Charlee and have been waiting for a chance to make a shirt. I decided to try to make a v neck for the first time ever. It was so much easier than I thought and it looks like a store bought (always bonus for me).

DIY Rolled Sleeve Dolman Tee || A Sewing Tutorial

Easy DIY dolman shirt with rolled sleeves!
Last week I shared my easy DIY Dolman Shirt and I figured I might as well share this rolled sleeve version of the same shirt. Both of these shirts were made last year, but they're are still my favorite and were so easy to make. I don't mind sewing in sleeves, but man, not sewing sleeves is even better!! I like how the rolled sleeve makes the shirt look a little classier. Seriously, if you're hesitant about making you're own shirts, stop now! It's easier than you think and really fun! Just ask my sister and wait until you see the shirt see did. 

Easy DIY Dolman Shirt

the quickest and easiest dolman shirt ever and doesn't require putting in sleeves!
Let me introduce to you one of my new favorite and easiest top to sew: the easy DIY dolman shirt!! I actually made this last summer, but I'm only now getting around to posting it. Ha, that's life for ya. 

Anyway, seriously it really is easy!!!! I even got my sister to sew it from start to finish (including the cutting) and she doesn't typically have time to sew. The best part about it is that there is no need to fuss over adding sleeves. That alone makes this shirt possible to sew in 30 minutes...well if you don't make any silly mistakes as I do all the time. But my silly mistakes aside (because they happen no matter how much I sew) this is the easiest shirt ever!!

I had some left over fabric from my parisian top, so I used it on this shirt. The best part of the fabric (from joanns) is that it is double sided so one side was polka dot (see HERE) and the other striped. So two shirts out of one kind of fabric!

Master Bedroom and Craft Room Reveal || One Room Challenge

to save money, build your own bookshelves!
one room challenge: master bedroom/craft room
I can't believe we're finally at the end of 6 weeks of the One Room Challenge!! Alas though, we didn't finish everything we planned. A few projects were put on hold and the lighting project should be finished by next week. Oh and pictures on the wall, nope. 

But...The shelves are organized and everything has a place. I have two finished tables (yes two!! a tall and short one), and everything is CLEAN!! That's the best part. 

But what is really lacking still is the light in the room, but that is practically finished and I will show you that next week (seriously going to be really cool, at least we hope - it's a Ikea hack). 

And so, without further to master bedroom and craft room reveal!! Prepare yourself for overload of pictures:

Sunshine. Sea Salt. And Ice Cream Shirt || May Silhouette Challenge

the perfect shirt for summer!! Sunshine. Sea Salt and Ice Cream DIY shirt
the perfect shirt for summer!! Sunshine. Sea Salt and Ice Cream DIY shirt
I really love Spring, my favorite season. I love that it's just the perfect temperature to be outside without being too cold or too hot. But, we've been having some sunny and hot days and it's getting me ready for summer. 

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