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Bright and Colorful Faux Leather Bow tie Tutorial

Faux leather bow tie no sew tutorial for little boys or little girls hair clips
I can't believe it's already been 2 months since Easter!! I'm pregnant, shouldn't this be going super slow?? I think having 3 kiddos has been making it faster than my other pregnancies...Anyway, I'm finally getting around to sharing these really fun Faux Leather Bow Ties. 

Frozen Dinosaur Eggs - Summer Kid Activity

Frozen dinosaur eggs summer activity for kids
frozen dinosaur eggs activity for summer fun
This is probably one of our favorite summer activities that we've been doing every summer for the past years. Even before my oldest loved dinosaurs we were doing it. It's so easy and quick to do that it makes the perfect lazy summer activity. And you know, I'm sometimes kind of lazy, so any activity that is easy is perfect for me. It's almost easier than making homemade Popsicles. 

Healthy Snack Prep: for On the Go Snacks

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you're one in a free fruit printable
Finally here in the PNW, the rain has subsided, we are having some beautiful weather. School isn't over until the end of June, but we're already enjoying some outside time having mini backyard 'picnics'. I'm trying to spend as much as time outside before the weather heats up. (make sure to get the free printable at the end of post)

Throwback Thursday || Soft Fabric Play Cubes Sewing Tutorial

Soft play cubes sewing tutorial to make for kids of all ages!
Do your kids like to throw balls and other stuff around the house like my kids? Or does your husband like to throw stuff around the house at your kids ; ) partially joking. I finally made these soft play cubes that are great for ages 1+ and can be thrown at people without the fear of being hurt. That being said, we occasionally still have tears shed but that is more because feelings are hurt, haha. 

Free Vegetable Printable Coloring Page Place Mat and Green Beans Recipe

free printable vegetable place mat for kids
Raise your hand if you love dinner time? Some days I love it and some days are difficult. With a 6 year old, 4 year old and 2 year old, I sometimes have no idea who will eat what I make. One night one of them will LOVE green beans and then the next time that same small person decides they don't like it. Most of the time they're pretty consistent in their likes, but you know kids are kids and I'm pretty sure their main job is to constantly mixing things up. 

Pineapple Layered Cake Recipe from a Cake mix

Using a yellow cake box and some homemade pineapple frosting, this is such an amazing pineapple cake! Easy to make and use for a pineapple party for summer
Spring can be hard in the PNW sometimes; it just can't decide if it should just rain for days on end or be sunny. I think finally here at the end of May, it has decided to give us a break with some beautiful warm, sunny days. The 80 degrees is already too hot for my husband, but I'll take it over the cold rainy days. 

Throwback Thursday: Zipper Bag for Art or Drawing or Random things

see through zipper bag sewing tutorial for storing drawing supplies
My 6 year old has been asking me almost everyday this past week to draw with him, which I love but honestly I love seeing his drawings even more. He has been on a squid kick lately and has drawn all sort of sea scenes with squid as the protagonist. He has even portrayed our family as squid :). I'll have to take a pic and share them on instagram.

Soft Playdough Recipe || Homemade and LONG lasting

This is the best playdough recipe ever! it has lasted a whole year and is still really soft!
I figured it was high time I finally shared this playdough recipe. We love our favorite oil based playdough recipe, which is great but it's not very great for molding and making things out of. So about a year ago (no really, a year ago).
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