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DIY Light Sconce Corbel Style IKEA Ranarp Light Hack

use IKEA DIY pendant light shelves to hold temporary light
I'm finally getting around to posting about my craft room/area lighting. In cased you missed it, last March I shared the finished product of my crafting area (you can go here to see all the pics). One of my favorite parts of the area the DIY lighting we added.
a non permanent DIY light solution instead of using floor lamps use temporary corbel and IKEA pendant lights
 Since my crafting space is part of our Master Bedroom which is kind of awkward as far as lighting goes, we had to get creative with lighting over my tables. I really despise standing lamps in such areas because I tend to knock them over constantly, so we needed a different solution. The room has a high ceiling and we wanted a quick solution that wasn't permanent. 
an DIY light sconce corbel style IKEA Ranarp Light Hack
We've seen people use IKEA's bracket shelf to make light sconces, so we thought we could do a similar thing. We wanted ours a bit bigger than the IKEA shelves so we decided to make them ourselves. And when I mean we, I mean my husband :).
an easy DIY corbel shelf plug in pendant lamp holder
corbel light holder
 I apologize now, we were so quick in making this, I did terrible at taking pictures. I'll do my best to describe what we did. 

DIY Light Sconce Corbel Style IKEA Ranarp Light Hack 



Cut your wood pieces we did these dimensions: 

1x3 - 21"
one 2x2 - 16"
one 2x2 - 19" this one you want to cut the ends at 45 degree angles (see below the yellow)

Before we assembled or stained it, on the top wood piece we made a ditch or grooves for the cord using a router. If you don't want to do this skip this step. We didn't have a router so we did a dado cut using this tutorial HERE. We also 
After the we added the grooves in the wood, we assembled the wood pieces (see diagram at the top of tutorial). After everything was screwed together. We also drilled a hole for the cord to go through the back and through the front (see above right picture for where the lamp will hang and the picture below for where the cord will hide behind the sconce). 
When we placed it on the wall, we realized the cord made it wobbly on the wall because the wood wasn't flesh, so we added some wood pieces to balance around the wood and make it solid against the wall (see pictures below). Not pretty but totally affective. 

I hope that wasn't too confusing. We used decorative screws and screwed it studs so to hold up well. 
A DIY Pendant Light Sconce using an IKEA ranarp lamp
Corbel style light holder for a pendant style IKEA lamp for craft room

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Edible Chocolate Play Dirt and Mini Plastic Trucks

For hours of fun, this edible dirt doesn't have any added sugar and is a great inside activity for cold winter day inside activities or really hot summer day indoor activities. 
edible dirt for trucks or dinosaurs
I was going through old pictures and came across the kids playing with edible chocolate play dirt. They loved it so much and played with it and their mini plastic trucks for a long time. I even stored it in the fridge for them to play with during the month that I made it. 

Kids Race Car Non Candy Valentines Printable

These race cars valentine cards are perfect for any boy or girl who loves cars. They're a fun alternative to candy. Download the free valentine printable at the end of the post. Thanks for Oriental Trading 
race car valentine printable for kids or adults catch me if you can printable
Sometimes I'm really great at getting things done months in advanced and other times I wait until the last minute. Things that really matter, like Valentines day, I can get done way in advanced 😉. Actually, it's mostly been the past few years that I've been on top of things, and mostly because my two oldest understand and constantly ask me about doing Valentines. Last year they picked out Airplanes and Bubbles

Faux Wood Love Letters

These faux wood letters are quick and easy to make for a personalize and modern decoration. Do them for Valentines or use any letters to personalize. 
Love valentine decoration diy crafts using paper mache letters
I don't typically bother with Valentines day decor, mostly because I'm still trying to get over Christmas still. But as my kids have gotten older, they really love to celebrate each holiday and it's fun to put out some decoration for them. 
diy faux wood letters easy craft for home decor
Well, I saw on Kailo Chic's blog her faux wood love letters and loved the simplicity of them and decided they looked easy enough to make myself. And sure enough, they were super easy! I did do a couple things different than hers though, I painted the outside of the letters white and I used a heart filled with succulents for the 'O'.

 I placed them on the piano. And we finally got around to hanging our Kershisnik Nativity painting which I love so much!! It's one of those Nativity scenes that belongs up all year around. 
love letters with heart succulent for vday decoration or a simple modern touch

Faux Wood Love Letter Valentine Decor


Paint your letters. Then trace the letters on the back of the wood veneer sheets (make sure the L and E are backwards when you trace on the wood sheets). 

Then cut out the wood veneer pieces and adhere to the letters. That's it!
fun love letters for decoration and modern valentine party

Make some DIY faux wood love letters words for easy Valentine Decor

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Camping is Intense DIY Camping Shirt

camping shirt using heat transfer vinyl and cutting machine
Are you a camper? we used to camp all the time...before we had kids that is. Then camping got a little more intense for us 😉 and we have gone less often. But even though we don't go as much, when my husband or I use the word "intense" in any way, one of us is bound to say some joke about camping and tents. 

Fleece Lined Crocheted Headband Free Crochet Pattern

This crocheted headband is easy to make and lined with fleece to add extra warmth. This is a quick crochet project and can be made in all colors of yarn. 
Fleece lined crocheted headband free crochet pattern
 It's been a while since I've crocheted anything. Like this chunky scarf and winter headband might be the last thing I've made. Or the last thing I can remember. But I've been needing some more headbands since I wear them while running during the winter.
yellow winter crochet pattern for your winter project
I actually made this during our LDS General Conference weekend and realized how much I missed crocheting and why I used to love it. It can really be relaxing to do something repetitive and that doesn't require too much thinking. To make it extra warm, I sewed a fleece lining into. Plus this helps with any itchiness (or if the feeling of yarn isn't your thing)
crochet pattern for a headband lined fleece

Fleece Lined Crocheted Headband Free Crochet Pattern

First chain 11.
Row 1 - Single crochet in each chain.
Row 2 until end - Now you're going to do a back loop only single crochet stitch. That means, instead of going through both loops (as usual), you will hook your hook through the back loop. See picture below. You will do this for all the rows until the end. This will create a fun texture in your headband.
Repeat your back loop only single crochet in every row until you have enough rows for the headband to fit around your head. I like to add a button and elastic on the back, so I make the headband so there is an inch to small on my head.
textured headbandAdding fleece (optional) Once you're done, cut your fleece so it is the same length and width as your crocheted headband.
textured fleeced headbandUsing matching thread, sew your fleece onto the headband. Make sure to add the elastic loop under the fleece at one end of the fleece.
crocheted fleeced headbandThen sew on a button and you're done. *Note: if you don't want to do a button and elastic, just stitch the ends together to make the headband into a circle.
none;"> Crocheted Headband fleece lined headband pattern

fleece lined headband crocheted headband free pattern
fleece lined headband crocheted headband free pattern

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Top Creative Crafty and Home Decor Blog Post of 2017

Here is a summary of the top posts from 2017. It's a little bit of crafty, sewing, kids activities, home decor and printables. 

I can't believe that another year has already passed! It was quite the year too. Honestly, I feel like it was two separate years: the first part was being pregnant and the second part was having a newborn. That pretty much sums it up. But I loved every minute, especially when our sweet baby boy joined our family. My family are my greatest happiness!
I love posting on here, but I'm never sure what I will actually end up sharing and when I can get around to actually blogging about it. I don't really know what is in store for this blog for this upcoming year. I'm not great at planning out my post, since I'm more like a post when I can kind of blogger. But thanks for following along with me! I'd love to hear what your favorite post have been and what you'd love to see posted on here. 

30+ Best of the Best Crafts of 2017

Best Crafts of the best blogs of 2017
While I love planning ahead and making goals for the upcoming year, I also like to look back at the past year at favorite things that happened. It's been fun to look at my top post of 2017, but this post today will be a little different and show top post form lots of awesome craft bloggers. So enjoy this list of over 30 of the best crafts of 2017 of some awesome bloggers
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