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Free Vegetable Printable Coloring Page Place Mat and Green Beans Recipe

Raise your hand if you love dinner time? Some days I love it and some days are difficult. With a 6 year old, 4 year old and 2 year old, I sometimes have no idea who will eat what I make. One night one of them will LOVE green beans and then the next time that same small person decides they don't like it. Most of the time they're pretty consistent in their likes, but you know kids are kids and I'm pretty sure they're main job is to constantly mixing things up. 
free printable vegetable place mat for kids
I really do try to have a balanced plate for my kiddos with at least one vegetable. But it's hard sometimes when certain kiddos won't eat those vegetables. But, I believe that lots exposure to different type of vegetables is the best way to tame those kids taste buds and help them figure out what they love and what they really don't like. I made this place mat for my kiddos (see above) which doubles as a coloring mat. It's perfect to help them learn the vegetables as well as give them something hands on to do when I'm making dinner. Even my 2 year old LOVES coloring on one. (see end of post to download your own free copy of the place mat). 
washable markers and laminated coloring page for kids during dinner
laminated coloring place mat for dinner time boredom
Since becoming pregnant and with summer days approaching, dinner has become even harder. This past week we had tried Stouffer's Family Size Macaroni & Cheese as part of our dinner. I usually make homemade Mac & Cheese, but I must admit, this was delicious! Stouffer's Macacroni & Cheese recipe includes real, simple ingredients, like freshly made pasta, cheddar cheese, milk and butter.  
To balance out the meal, I made paired it with our favorite green beans and roasted almond recipe and some homemade wheat bread (which I friend happen to bring that day). We don't often do frozen meals, but frozen prepared foods are a great time saver and there are so many new dishes and flavors to choose from. To build a balanced meal, use frozen prepared foods as your base and pair with an easy to make side dish made of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and/or low-fat dairy. 
I'm so happy to say this night, everything was a hit on their plate. Only one child refused to eat the green beans (the 2 year old), but everything else was a success! See below for my easy green bean and roasted recipe: 
green beans and roasted almond recipe
Roasted Almond and Green Beans


Fresh or frozen green beans
1 - 2 pieces of precooked bacon cut into small pieces (optional - I like the flavor it adds)
almonds (you can buy them pre-roasted or roast them yourself)

Cut your almonds up  and roast them in the oven under the broiler until golden brown. Then in a skillet, mix together with green beans and bacon and a little olive oil. Cook until warm. 

That'ts it! See below for the free Vegetable Printable Place Mat Coloring page

free printable coloring place mat for kids during dinner; it can be a laminated for a reusable place mate
There are two sizes 11x17 and a 8.5x11. The 11x17 can be taken to your local office store and printed off black and white and color. Then ask them to laminate it for you (double sided - color print on one side and black and white on the other). At my Office Depot, it usually cost me about $4 total for one place mat. Totally worth it!

 We LOVE these Crayola Washable Markers - they clean up better than other markers and don't stain clothes!
Vegetable printable place mat to make a balanced meal

Such a fun kids free printable vegetable coloring page and dinner place mat
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Pineapple Layered Cake Recipe from a Cake mix

Using a yellow cake box and some homemade pineapple frosting, this is such an amazing pineapple cake! Easy to make and use for a pineapple party for summer
Spring can be hard in the PNW sometimes; it just can't decide if it should just rain for days on end or be sunny. I think finally here at the end of May, it has decided to give us a break with some beautiful warm, sunny days. The 80 degrees is already too hot for my husband, but I'll take it over the cold rainy days. 

Thus speaking of Summer days, I'm finally sharing these amazing Pineapple layered cake that I made for my sister's pineapple bridal shower/party that we had for her last summer. Yes, I'm a year behind, but this is still worth sharing and every bite is worth eating. 
A delicious pineapple recipe that is easy and looks and taste amazing!
For the pineapple cake recipe, I used yellow boxed cake for the base and added crushed canned pineapple which gives it such flavor and adds so much moisture! And then the pineapple frosting really was the icing on the cake. It's even better than a pineapple upside down cake...like ten times better. 
Pineapple Layered Cake Recipe


Prepare your yellow cake as normal BUT substitute the water for the juice from the can of crushed pineapple. Also add the pudding to the cake mix straight out of the box. Cook both cakes in two separate circle pans or one right after another. 

Let cool. Using thread, carefully slice each cake into halves. Starting with one of the cakes on a cake stand, add a little pineapple frosting. Then add another cake half. Repeat until all the cake and frosting is used. Make sure you add some frosting on top as well. Final touch, add the top of pineapple to the cake. 

And make sure to check out the rest of the Pineapple Themed Bridal Shower with pineapple party decorations and pineapple food. 
and this is the other pineapple themed shower my sister in law threw for her:
an amazingly moist pineapple cake that is made out of a yellow cake mix! perfect for a pineapple party

 photo HAVASIG copy1_zpsuqfffyef.jpg
The only pineapple cake recipe you'll need for your pineapple party or just summer party! It's just made using a cake box and canned pineapple!

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Throwback Thursday: Zipper Bag for Art or Drawing or Random things

see through zipper bag sewing tutorial for storing drawing supplies
My 6 year old has been asking me almost everyday this past week to draw with him, which I love but honestly I love seeing his drawings even more. He has been on a squid kick lately and has drawn all sort of sea scenes with squid as the protagonist. He has even portrayed our family as squid :). I'll have to take a pic and share them on instagram.

Soft Playdough Recipe || Homemade and LONG lasting

This is the best playdough recipe ever! it has lasted a whole year and is still really soft!
I figured it was high time I finally shared this playdough recipe. We love our favorite oil based playdough recipe, which is great but it's not very great for molding and making things out of. So about a year ago (no really, a year ago).

Thrifted and Updated Ceramic Containers with Vinyl Shapes

I'm super excited to be joining in a thrift store decor upcycle challenge this month! See below my fun ceramic container update and many other bloggers thrift store item!Thrift Store Decor Upcycle Challenge

The Rules:

  • Upcycle an item(s) from a thrift store, resale store, or garage sale into a new piece of decor.
  • There's no monthly theme.
  • There's no budget to stick to.

Meet the Hosts

Amanda | The Kolb Corner    Erlene | My Pinterventures    Kim | Made in a Day    Dru | Polka Dot Poplars    Maureen | Red Cottage Chronicles    Pili | Sweet Things Debra | Shoppe No. 5    Marie | DIY Adulation    Havalah | Sisters, What  Chelsea | Making Manzanita    Ann | Duct Tape and Denim Molly | Just a Little Creativity    Ashley | 3 Little Greenwoods    Kimm | Reinvented Kim | Farmhouse Made    Victoria | Dazzle While Frazzled    Sara | Twelve on Main Chelc | Inside the Fox Den     Michelle | Our Crafty Mom    Jeannee | Shepherds and Chadonnay  Jennifer and Vicki | 2 Bees in a Pod    Lora | Craftivity Designs Ali | Home Crafts By Ali    Denise | My Thrifty House    Kathleen | Our Hopeful Home   Jeanie | Create & Babble    Michelle | Michelle James Designs

Make sure you follow our board on Pinterest for more upcycled decor inspiration!

Updated some thrifted ceramic containers with just a little vinyl

Love of Watercoloring and Free Geometric Pineapple Print Downloads

Geometric pineapple free coloring page - perfect for watercolor!
I have two free printables for you today. A Geometric Pineapple coloring page and a Watercolor version of the Geometric Pineapple - go to end of the post to download.

Galaxy Dresser - Ikea MALM dresser hack (using contact paper!)

This Ikea MALM dresser hack was a fun update using contact paper and can be taken off at any time. It's perfect for a kids room, a space room or any room really. This post may contain affiliate links. Thanks for supporting Sisters, What! 
Galaxy Dresser Ikea Dresser hack using contact paper to paint a galaxy that can still be removed
I've been going through old pictures and I came across the Ikea MALM dresser hack that I changed up to a galaxy dresser. For my boys room we had a space theme planned, so I thought I'd try out some galaxy painting. BUT, I didn't want to do it right on the actual dresser. I didn't have that much confidence in my painting skills...so I bought some black contact paper. 

Throwback Thursday - Striped Leather Bag

I saw on A Girl and Her Glue Gun how she does Throwback Thursdays on her blog by showcasing old posts and I thought it was such a good idea. So I thought I'd give that a try. It might not be every week, but a Thursday here and there. 
As I get in the middle of my pregnancy, I'm starting to remember all having a new little baby entails. One of those things is that I have to go back to a bigger bag that carries more than just my wallet and essentials. Kinda sad thinking about it, but totally worth it. Especially since my go to diaper bag is my DIY striped leather bag. It is my favorite bag I've ever made and it held everything I needed for my baby. But, it can definitely be used for more than a diaper bag. I love how it doesn't look like a diaper bag. 
Supplies Needed:

If doing the stripes bag cut
4 black strips (I used Bella Solid Fabric)- 2.75 inches x 15.5 inches
4 white strips - 2.75 inches x 15.5 inches (I used this fabric here)
(if doing a solid piece of fabric cut: 2 pieces fabric - 10 inches x 15.5 inches)
2 pieces of Leather/vinyl (or other heavy fabric like Cotton Duck Canvas Cloth ) - 8 inches x 15.5 inches (I used this color of Leather)
2 pieces of batting (I used Anne Soft and Sable ) 17 inches x 15.5 inches

2 pieces of duck cloth - 17 inches x 15.5 inches
1 favorite fabric (for pocket #1) [I used Moda Fabric] - 12 inches x 15.5 inches
     1 heavy weight interfacing (for pocket #1) - 11.75 inches x 15.5 inches
1 favorite fabric (for pocket #2)  - 14 inches x 15.5 inches
     1 heavy weight interfacing (for pocket #2) - 13.75 inches x 15.5 inches

Other Supplies:
1 - Leather/vinyl for strap - mine was 34 inches x 5.25 inches (however, you might want your longer, so find another bag you like and decide you long you want it)
2 - leather pieces for strap - 3 inches x 2.75 inches
2 - leather pieces for D ring on bag - 3 and 1/2 inches x 1 and 1/4 inches
Fabric for pockets (I personally love Cotton and Steel)

Now click below to go to full tutorial:

 photo SISTERSWHAT2017 copy_zpsxtpt4y1h.jpg
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