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Classic Modern Christmas Wreath

This classic but modern wreath is quick to make and very easy to customize to your liking. Just an embroidery hoop, some yarn and various evergreen greenery and you can make a lovely winter wreath. 

I'm so excited to be joining in Creative Christmas Challenge hosted by Remodelaholic. Make sure to check out the other participants projects at the end of the post. 
DIY Classic Modern Christmas Wreath
I guess you could say that this year is the year of wreaths. I made a spring wreath, summer wreath, a fall wreath and now it's time for a Christmas wreath. I'm no wreath expert or a therapist, but I feel like wreath making would make for a great creative therapy. Just think about it, you could talk and make a wreath all in the time of a 30 minute session. 

How to create a Living room and Playroom

Here are a few tips on how to create a play room and a living room in the same space. This post in partnership with Tee Pee Joy, all opinions and words are my own.
how to create as one a living room and play area
Toys, I love them and hate them at the same time. I love that my kids love them, but I hate them all over the place. 

We live in a house that has a front living room which then it leads right into the kitchen and into a smaller living area. The upstairs are only bedrooms which are considerably small. We decided not to keep toys in their rooms because of the small space and the distraction it was for them when it was time for bed. (see our DIY play kitchen here)

DIY Unicorn Sweatshirt Sewing Tutorial

This unicorn sweatshirt is a fun way to dress up a hoodie to use as a part of a unicorn costume or as a dress up or just to wear every day. Grab a hoodie and some colorful fur. 

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unicorn sweatshirt tutorial
I shared in July the Unicorn Hobby horse that I made for my little girl for her birthday. Since I had some of this fun colorful faux fur left over, I had to make her a unicorn sweatshirt to go with it.

I figured since I have made for my boys a shark sweatshirt dress up and a dinosaur hoodie costume that I could easily make a unicorn hoodie. I knew that she would be stoked especially with this colorful faux fur

Trolls Princess Poppy Costume Lillian Pattern

This fun princess costume is perfect for all those Troll fans out there. This Princess Poppy costume was easy to make and can be worn throughout the year as a dress up costume. 

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DIY Princess Poppy Dress Homemade Costume
Last year, my little girl was really into trolls. So it was a no brainer that she would pick Princess Poppy for her costume. I decided last minute to be a troll with her, which was a really easy costume to quickly pull together because of a few items in my closet and some temporary spray hair color. 

DIY Halloween Soap Eyeballs and Bones

Making these eyeball and bones soap are so easy and fun to do with the kids. The kids will love washing their hands or give them as silly Halloween gifts to neighbor and friends. This post first appeared on Consumer Crafts.
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Halloween soap eyeballs and bones DIY
My kiddos are obsessed with all things scary for Halloween, me on the other hand would rather just keep it all about pumpkins and happiness with some Harry Potter thrown in. However, I’ve compromised a little with having vinyl bats on our walls and vinyl spiders. Those don’t seem to scary for me. My husband likes to tease me and come home with really scary decorations just for me. This year, I decided it’d be fun to do some eyeball and bone soap. Not too scary for me and still enough Halloween spookiness for my kids.

Modern Colorful Pumpkin Wreath

This modern and colorful pumpkin wreath is really easy and quick to make. The yarn wrapped embroidery hoop adds a modern and simple element but the petite pumpkins bring in some fun fall colors.
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Modern colorful pumpkin wreath fall decor

What kind of fall decorator are you? traditional colors or more non-traditional? I love the traditional, but the past couple years I’ve been doing a more non-traditional. Like scouring all stores for various small shaped pumpkins and then spray painting them all the rainbow colors. My kids ask me every time I go spray painting them colors other than orange : ). I just can’t help it. I absolutely love the changing of the fall leaves and feel like the burst of vibrate yellows, oranges and red is the last bit of hope before the darkness of winter sets in.

2018 General Conference LDS Apostle and Prophet Printable Cards

These Latter-Day Saint Apostle and Prophet cards are a great way to teach your little ones who the modern day LDS Apostles are. On the back of each card are little snippets of information about each person. Go to the end of the post to find the free download
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This post is a little different from most of my posts on here, but I spent so much time creating these flashcards I felt I needed to share them with those who might also want some. And if you have no idea who these people are, I invite you to keep reading to learn a little about them and also learn a little more about me.
General Conference apostle Printable flash cardslds General Conference apostle cards with information
First off, I belong the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It is a big part of who I am and why I do what I do on a daily basis. I most definitely am not a perfect example of how a Latter-Day saint, but that is one thing I love about being a Latter Day Saint. We are taught to strive to be the best person we are capable of being and if we have a rough day, we can try again the next day, and the next, etc…This philosophy has totally influenced my creative endeavors; if I mess up on a craft or a project, I might get discouraged but I know I can try again and keep working at it. I’m far from being a perfectionist, but I keep striving every day and slowly I hope that I am getting better.

Hello Fall Home Décor Crocheted Banner

This crochet banner is a quick project and perfect for the beginner crocheter. You can just do Hello and put it up all year around. This post first appeared on Crafts Unleashed blog.
hello crochet hand lettered home decor
Somehow summer just goes by way too fast and we end up in September that is filled up with school, sports and other activities. I yearn for summer and just want everything to slow down. Soccer starts for us when school starts and as much as my kids love it, I secretly can’t wait for it to be done. I really just yearn to slow down. Crocheting is just the way I do it. (did you catch my no crochet hook chunky scarf with leather tutorial?) Crocheting isn’t a fast craft but the repetitive nature of it is very soothing and helps slow down my brain.
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