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Star Wars Ruler Valentine Free Printable

These Star Wars Valentines are fun and perfect for those Star Wars Fans in your life. Add a ruler to it and together you can rule the galaxy
Fun Star Wars Valentine with Rulers
Just last week we were in the Target Valentine section and found these cute Valentine rulers. My kids love drawing and using stencils and rulers seem like a good valentine gift because they can be so useful for school or drawing. 

Hair Bow Valentine Free Printable

hair valentines printable
I must admit, Valentines is not my favorite holiday. My husband and I don't get gifts for each other or really celebrate intentionally. But since having kids, valentines has become another fun holiday to share with them.  

English Paper Piece

I'm really excited to be part of Carolina Moore's (from 30 minute Crafts) new Learn How to English Paper Piece book tour. 
Have you ever done English Paper Piecing? I must admit, I'm still fairly new to it. My sister has taught me how to do it and I loved that it could use up scrap fabrics. This pillow is my one project that I have did with my hexagons. 

Succulent Heart Valentine Decor

DIY fake succulent heart box valentines decoration
Did you fall for the succulent tread? I sure did, but mostly because I love plants and flowers, but keeping house plants or potted plants alive is not in my favor. So succulents were perfect for me. Now, I must admit, I haven't had 100% success with all my succulents, but most of them have stayed alive and some even had babies!! So exciting. 

No Sew Leather Bow Hair Ties Tutorial + Jord Watch Review + Giveaway

These faux leather hair bows ties and clips are a very quick project to make and requires no sewing! They can be made in any color that you can find in faux leather. 

This post is sponsored by JORD watches, all opinions and words are my own. See giveaway at end of post
leather bow hair ties tutorial
I don't feel like I'm great with organizing my time efficiently especially since having kids. Kids kind of make it so I need to be spontaneous and get things done when I can. Crafting is one of those things. I love to do it, but I really don't have very much chunks of time so I've learned to fill that need with quick projects. Like these faux leather hair bows (same leather as these bow ties). (also check out giveaway at end of post)

Best Creative Projects Posts of 2018

It's always fun at the end of the year to look back at the favorite projects from last year (see 2017 top posts here) Also, it's a time to reflect on life goals. Every year I wonder where this blog is going. Because this is just a hobby, I don't have long term goals. Thus, it sometimes takes me months or even a year later to finally getting around to sharing a project. 
10 best creative craft projects
I keep sharing with the hope it can inspire others. I believe that everyone can be creative if they so desire, and I can help out with this through my projects. 

 Those who have stuck around all these years, thanks for reading. I hope I can continue to inspire others. Now enjoy the Best Creative Projects from 2018

Best DIY of 2018 from bloggers

I'm joining a few other bloggers to bring you our top posts from 2018. They're all great and something for everyone. Come back in a day or two and hopefully I'll have my own top posts up as well. 

Christmas Printable gift tags with Hot Chocolate recipe

Gift tags are a fun way dress up a gift. These free Christmas printable gift tags are colorful and come in various colors and Christmas phrases.
Christmas sayings gift tags printable
 It's always fun to give gifts during the Christmas season. It's a chance to get out and spread Christmas cheer to friends and neighbors. Sometimes we do cookies and one year we did bread (free printable HERE)
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