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DIY Shark Shirts for Shark Week with heat transfer vinyl

These shark shirts are easy to make using heat transfer vinyl and are perfect to make just in time for shark week. You will feel jawsome in these shirts. 

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shark shirt shark week using heat transfer vinyl

duh....duh...duh.......duh Before my oldest started talking in full sentences, he could hum the theme to Jaws. And no, we did not let him watch a single part of the Jaws movie, but we did teach him theme. I mean, everyone knows that is the sound a shark makes. Have you seen the shark sweatshirt I made him back then? 
He even had a set of sharks that he could name each of the different type of sharks. 
jawsome shark shirt for kids
So of course, Shark week is definitely a favorite week in our house. We always seem to be on vacation during that week, a couple of times it was beach vacation which made shark week even scarier! But, that never seemed to scare my kids. Thank goodness we live on the west coast in PNW where the water is way to cold to swim in.

Thus, I had to make some DIY shark shirts for shark week using heat transfer vinyl for my boys. One says Feeling Jawesome, and the other just Jawsome
shark week clothing apparel

DIY Shark Shirts for Shark Week


Step 1: Download design

First download or design your design.

Step 2: Cut design

Make sure you flip your image so the words are backwards, then cut for heat transfer settings. 

Step 3: Iron and wear

For the Jawesome, I ironed the shark first and then cut the words in a different color and the ironed on top of the shark. So easy and it looks really cool. Seriously, these shirts will be perfect for shark week.
And you might enjoy this shark sweatshirt as well:

diy shark shirt jawsome heat transfer vinyl
shark week shark shirt heat transfer vinyl

Patriotic - 4th of July Hand Lettered USA Wood Sign

This 4th of July wood sign is such a fun and quick project. It can be made using a cutting machine or without. It's a fun way to practice your hand lettering for a personalized look. Use your favorite 4th of July quote or download for free the free file for Sweet Land of Liberty Graphic. 

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of JOANN Fabrics. The opinions and texts are all mine. 
DIY Patriotic Hand lettered Wood Sign on USA Silhouette using Silhouette cutting machine and heat transfer vinyl
To be honest, since living in our house for the past 5 years, I haven't even bothered with decorating for the 4th of July. The only patriotic thing we do is put our flag out in our flag holder. That will then stay up half the year because we're lazy. But this year, I've done two 4th of July projects and I really, really love them both. 

Baby Bandana Drooling and Spit up Bib - Free Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

These baby bandana bibs are perfect for babies who drool or spit up often. The snaps make it easy to come on and off. This is the perfect pattern for a beginner sewer. 
diy baby bandana free sewing pattern - easy sewing tutorial or beginner sewing project
When I had my first little baby, I didn't get why so many people gave me bibs. He rarely spit up large amounts of milk and I didn't bottle feed him, so I didn't see the point. But them my second little boy came along...And boy did he spit up all the time. There was nothing wrong with him, he was just a little spitter. 

DIY Yarn Wrapped Rope Basket Sewing Tutorial

This DIY rope basket is made out of piping cord and very easy to sew. You can wrap some yarn around parts of the cord to add a dash of color to the basket. Make it into a fabric basket by wrapping your favorite fabric scraps instead of yarn. This post is written as a collaboration with JOANN Fabrics
I'm kind of obsessed with storage boxes like these fabric covered boxes I made a couple of years ago. Storage containers don't have to be boring, but can also be cute and functional. I've been wanting to make a rope basket for years and decided to finally try my hand at it. I was happy to find that JOANN Fabric had enough piping cord to give it a try. 

DIY Country Wedding Decor

Weddings can be so expensive and now days you can do so many things yourself and still have it be a huge success!
My DIY Wedding Reception
Sierra here, I don't post often but I'm the blonde one (literally, not figuratively). As a previous event planner I knew exactly what I wanted for my wedding and lucky for me my family is full of DIY people (especially Havalah) and so we were able to pull of what I like to call the Celebration of the Year without spending too much. 

DIY Colorful Wooden Pacifier Clip

These DIY natural wood pacifier clips are very easy to make and can be customized with color blocked wood beads for a fun, colorful baby clip. They are even perfect for a quick baby shower gift. 
Remember those color blocked stained wood bead garland I made last year? Well, I had so many of those beads left over, I decided they'd be really fun to add to binky/teething baby clip. Both my sisters just had boys, so it was a perfect time to try it out. 

One Room Challenge Bathroom Laundry Room Update

Ok, so time for a One Room Challenge update on our bathroom and laundry room remodel. Check out all our One Room Challenge Posts HERE.

 Have you watched the Great Interior Design Challenge on Netflix?? Well they have 3 days to redo/update a room. 3 days! But they also have a team of helpers and time blocked out just for that. I think we could totally do the bathroom and laundry room that fast if we had a team of helpers, but I guess that's why this is a 6 week challenge :). 

There is still so much to do in such a short time, so hopefully we'll get most of it done before the 6 weeks is over. 

The Bathroom

It was a slow process figuring out the board and batten. We had so much going on and we were also trying to figure out spacing and height, etc. 
 My husband decided to build each panel separate before putting on the wall. So we have two panels done. They are really just sitting there, they haven't been nailed on yet. Hopefully I can do a more detailed step by step soon.
We also decided to get a vanity. We were planning on keeping our pedestal sick, but it was so small and so much wasted space underneath it. Plus, since this connected to our laundry room, we decided it was worth getting a new vanity. I really want to paint it blue to match the board and batten but my husband doesn't think the paint would stick (since it's not real wood and might not be possible to sand). 
We're also replacing the oval mirror with a rectangle mirror which we are going to make our own wood frame. we are Inspired by this one over at I Heart Organizing
IHeart Organizing: DIY Wood Framed Mirror
For lighting, I'm trying to convince my husband about this Progressive Lighting from Lowes:
Carisa Collection 2-Light Brushed Nickel Bath Light $52

Laundry Room

I honestly don't think we're going to be able to get the doors done for the cabinets before the 6 weeks is up, but at least the cabinets are up. 
I did paint trim and paint the door with a $5 home depot paint sample (which came in semi gloss). I'm not sure how well the paint will hold up, but I was super pleased it covered the door with the whole sample. I love the color I picked. 
 Next to the door we're going to add some wall hooks like these:
Image via HERE
On the opposite wall, I really want to add custom peg board with shelves. 
I'm inspired by this pegboard from The Merry Thought. This probably won't happen before the 6 weeks is up, but I'm going to make it happen.
DIY Pegboard Wall Organizer @themerrythought

I would love to change the laundry room light and I have my eye on this one from Lowes
allen + roth Palmsley 11.91-in W Soft Gold Flush Mount Light
Ok, that's all we have for you today. Hopefully next week we'll be finished, but I don't think it's going to happen. Wish us luck!

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Easy Zipper Bag with Personalized Embroidery Teacher Gift Idea

This zipper bag is the perfect beginner sewing project. Add a teachers name written by your child using embroidery for a personalized teacher gift. 
teacher gift idea easy zipper bag with child embroidery
I love giving homemade gifts when I have time to make them. Something about homemade that is so wonderful. Zipper bags are my favorite to make because you can use any fabric and they are such a quick sew.
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