A Two Toned Diy Kitchen Remodel with Hexagon Tiles

Two toned DIY kitchen remodel
This post is a long time coming...like 8 months. Well, like mosts my posts on here. But my excuse for this one is a) I've been too lazy to take pictures and b) my kitchen just hasn't been clean...enough. I DO clean my kitchen...but just enough so that the smell of dirty dishes are gone and crumbs are off the floor. However, there always seems to be stuff cluttered all over the counters, and since that stuff isn't food that can grow bacteria, I have tended to ignore it. But enough was enough. This past week, I took a WHOLE day to declutter the kitchen counters of all unnecessary things (which was almost everything on it. It literally took me all day (mostly because kids don't like it when you actually want to get something done - so it takes longer to do). 

 --- > want to see the process of how we spray painted our kitchen? Go HERE

So yay!! I had a clean kitchen and so as not to jinx it I realized I actually needed to finally take pictures of it of our updated kitchen. Last August we updated our kitchen by painting our cabinets, adding tile, updating our counters with granite as well as updating our sink. My goodness, it's amazing what a paint job can do and some new tile. I'm completely in love with it!!! Ok, no more jabbering, let's just show you the pictures. Find details at the bottom of the post. 
a two toned diy kitchen remodel with hexagon tile!!
But first, can I just tell you how much I love how this kitchen came together!! The decision process was surprisingly difficult, like picking the right granite, finding cabinet pulls that we both liked and convincing my husband that hexagon tiles would be the best (obviously I won - but I have a feeling he came to my side because he loves me :) but he actually ended up liking the hexagons). And the undermount sink was a hard decision since I really wanted a white farm style, but I'm SO happy with the stainless steel. 

Oh and the paint color...we actually re-did the paint on the bottom cabinets because the initial blue looked too close to our Alma Mater blue (BYU Royal blue - which we love but not for kitchen cabinets - you can see the cabinets in that blue HERE). Ok, fine, on to pictures.  
a two toned diy kitchen remodel with hexagon tile!!

A Two Toned DIY Kitchen Remodel - the Details with using a Spray Gun

Last Summer, we started the long process of remodeling our kitchen. We decided to go the two toned painted cabinet DIY route and boy was it fun ; ) Ha! actually it was a learning experience, but we're happy it's done. This post is about the process of what we did. 

GO HERE to see more pics of the finished kitchen!

First off, after tons of research, we decided to go the spray paint route. We decided that it was worth investing in a paint gun instead of paying by the hour to rent one. With how much time we spent painting (I mean my husband spent painting) it was totally worth it. My husband spent TONS of time researching and found tons of great reviews for the Wagner Power Conversion Gun. It did require us to get an air compressor too, but totally worth it. He did practice a bit before using it on our cabinets and we were really happy how the paint looked on our cabinets. 

Bubbles, Blow Pop and Airplane Valentines - Free Printables

These Valentine's include a free printable with fun sayings to go with fun toys and treats; perfect for your little ones friends. Thanks to Oriental Trading for supplying the toys and treats. 

You make my heart pop valentine printable
Since having little ones grow big enough to give Valentines, I have loved helping them with their Valentines. While we do make many valentine's for others that our hand drawn and cut out, we also make some fun clever saying ones to go with a treat they have picked out. Honestly though, they really don't understand how clever they are, but love them so win win for both of us :).  

Top Posts of 2016

I'm super excited to share all the top posts from 2016. I'm a little behind in writing this, BUT come December, I've been taking a purposeful break from the blog and social media. I had such a busy October and November, that I decided a break was needed. It was wonderful!! I didn't intend it to last until mid-January, but then we got 9 inches of snow!! In the PNW that's crazy and hasn't happened in like 20 years. Basically, we've had an extended holiday break and have been enjoying every minute of the snow and just lounging around. 
Top Posts from 2016 of Sisters, What!
HOWEVER, I'm ready for some regular winter days of rain and 40-50 degree weather. And a routine. So here I am trying to get back to a routine with this selection of favorite post from 2016. This is in no particular order (I like to keep things random - you tell me what you're favorites are).

2017 Calendar Free Printable

These 2017 printable Calendars are easy to print off and put on the fridge, in a frame or in a binder. 2017 Calendar Free Printable Handwritten
I don't know about you, but one of my biggest priorities come new year is getting a new Calendar. I use my phone calendar for scheduling things, but I have to have a calendar to look at in my room and kitchen. I'm very visual and I like to see my life laid out in front of me, otherwise I go crazy (I also prefer analog clocks for the same reason - helps keep my insane brain on task).  Anyone else crazy like me about calendars??

New Year Resolution Free Printable

This fun New Year Resolutions printable is perfect for kiddos or adults to look back at the past year and look forward to the New Year. 
New Year Resolution Free Printable
Did you guys have a wonderful Christmas? We did. I really enjoyed just giving all my time to my family, even if it was just staying at home playing toys, games or just reading books. I'm really sad that the break is almost over. I love having my oldest kiddo and husband home all day with us. But, alas, the new year is approaching. 

Just like last year, I have this fun printable for your kiddos to fill as a fun look back at last year and look at the new year. You can download the 2016-2017 one or a blank year one that you can print off every year just fill in the years. Happy New Year! (find downloads at end of post. 

 photo HAVASIG copy1_zpsuqfffyef.jpg  photo signaturesierra_zpsi9gjl8ni.jpg  photo SIERRA_zpsvhr98bf5.jpg This post may contain affiliate links. Thanks for supporting Sisters, What! *we'll be possibly sharing this post at one of these blog parties

Joy to the World || Print and Cut

Joy to the World Free Print and Cut file
Can you believe that Christmas is almost upon us! We've been trying to keep the spirit of Christmas this season by joining in the Light The World Advent Calendar where you do a different small act of service for the 25 days leading up to Christmas (you can see more about it HERE). I love that they are little things to do to those around us. We haven't been great about doing it everyday, but we do it when we can. 

Geometric Wood Sliced Ornaments

Woodsliced ornaments are really fun and easy to customize in so many ways! These geometric ornaments were surprisingly quick to make and I love the pop of gold. Thanks to Expression Vinyl for supplying the vinyl. This post may contain affiliate links; thanks for supporting Sisters, What!
Geometric Wood Sliced Ornaments
One thing I can't help myself (much to my husbands chagrin ; ) ) is making Christmas ornaments every year. He always says we have enough, but these past few years it has become a tradition that I just can't break. I feel that because Christmas ornaments are small, it makes it an easy Christmas craft and to me the tree is the most important Christmas decoration. So when I was invited by Expression Vinyl to be part of their Ornament Challenge, I was so excited to get my ornament craft on.

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