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Best Creative Projects Posts of 2018

It's always fun at the end of the year to look back at the favorite projects from last year (see 2017 top posts here) Also, it's a time to reflect on life goals. Every year I wonder where this blog is going. Because this is just a hobby, I don't have long term goals. Thus, it sometimes takes me months or even a year later to finally getting around to sharing a project. 
10 best creative craft projects
I keep sharing with the hope it can inspire others. I believe that everyone can be creative if they so desire, and I can help out with this through my projects. 

 Those who have stuck around all these years, thanks for reading. I hope I can continue to inspire others. Now enjoy the Best Creative Projects from 2018

Best DIY of 2018 from bloggers

I'm joining a few other bloggers to bring you our top posts from 2018. They're all great and something for everyone. Come back in a day or two and hopefully I'll have my own top posts up as well. 

Christmas Printable gift tags with Hot Chocolate recipe

Gift tags are a fun way dress up a gift. These free Christmas printable gift tags are colorful and come in various colors and Christmas phrases.
Christmas sayings gift tags printable
 It's always fun to give gifts during the Christmas season. It's a chance to get out and spread Christmas cheer to friends and neighbors. Sometimes we do cookies and one year we did bread (free printable HERE)

Scandinavian and Hand lettered Modern Christmas Ornaments

These modern Christmas Ornaments are simple and easy to make using hand lettering or cutting out vinyl with your preferred cutting machine. The stained wood and Scandinavian stars are perfect for  minimalist Christmas decoration.

This is a sponsored post written in partnership with JOANN.com, all words and opinions are my own. 
Modern Christmas Ornaments Free SVG File
Of all our Christmas decorations, the tree is definitely my favorite. I love the symbolism of it and the light it brings into the home during these dark days. Most of the ornaments on the tree are homemade and are starting to have a rustic woodsy theme about them. When I saw some wood stars and round wood ornaments at JOANN I immediately envisioned some new wood ornaments with hand lettering phrases. 

Color Blocked Wood Beads Christmas Ornaments

These color blocked wood bead ornaments are simple and easy to make. They can be customized to match the colors of your other Christmas ornaments and would make a great present topper. 
Minimalist Modern Ornament Scandinavian Christmas Decoration
I recently have fell in love with the simplicity and nature like Scandinavian Christmas decoration. I love the natural wood look and the shapes they often use. Now these ornaments are definitely a little more modern, but I was definitely inspired by Scandinavian traditional ornaments.

DIY Colorful Christmas Brush Bottle Trees

Colorful Christmas Trees are easy to make using brush bottle trees aka sisal trees. You can dye them any shade or color that you can find in the store. Such a fun way to add bright colors to Christmas Decoration. 

This is a sponsored post written in partnership with JOANN.com, all words and opinions are my own. 
colorful bottle brush christmas miniature trees
Christmas is such a magical and wonderful time of year. So much festivities and so many fun things to do.

I have always loved the decorations. But, I’ve toned it down a few years ago because I’ve either been pregnant or just had a new baby and so my energy level is low and can make me a little Grinch-y. But as my kids have gotten older, their Christmas spirit is contagious and I have started doing more because of them. So with some trees from JOANN, I decided to make some colorful trees.

Classic Modern Christmas Wreath

This classic but modern wreath is quick to make and very easy to customize to your liking. Just an embroidery hoop, some yarn and various evergreen greenery and you can make a lovely winter wreath. 

I'm so excited to be joining in Creative Christmas Challenge hosted by Remodelaholic. Make sure to check out the other participants projects at the end of the post. 
DIY Classic Modern Christmas Wreath
I guess you could say that this year is the year of wreaths. I made a spring wreath, summer wreath, a fall wreath and now it's time for a Christmas wreath. I'm no wreath expert or a therapist, but I feel like wreath making would make for a great creative therapy. Just think about it, you could talk and make a wreath all in the time of a 30 minute session. 

How to create a Living room and Playroom

Here are a few tips on how to create a play room and a living room in the same space. This post in partnership with Tee Pee Joy, all opinions and words are my own.
how to create as one a living room and play area
Toys, I love them and hate them at the same time. I love that my kids love them, but I hate them all over the place. 

We live in a house that has a front living room which then it leads right into the kitchen and into a smaller living area. The upstairs are only bedrooms which are considerably small. We decided not to keep toys in their rooms because of the small space and the distraction it was for them when it was time for bed. (see our DIY play kitchen here)
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