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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

DIY hexagon hello sign

I recently saw this hello sign at Snap Creativity and just fell in love with it. We needed something new for the door and nothing says hello better than a hello sign. I mean this sign is literally saying hello. Anyway, I had really fun making it. I recently have been loving the shapes trend and hexagons have been calling to me, so I added some hexagons to my sign. 
Displaying IMG_8109_2.jpg
My sister sent me this pic - I sent her a hello sign for her birthday. Looks great on her side table. 

| DIY Hexagon Hello Sign |
8 x 12 plywood. It doesn't really matter the kind. You can get different thickness and quality at Lowes or                  Homedepot. They are pretty big. You could really use any type of wood though. 
Hello cut vinyl - I used a sillhouette to cut my vinyl. - You can go HERE to download the Pacifico font or go            HERE to download my sillhouette document I made
Hexagon stencil - I made my own stencil using dresser drawer liner but vinyl works too (I just happen to run           out) go HERE to download my sillhouette stencil
Various paint colors
|1| Above is the piece of wood. place your vinyl on the wood. I hate wasting vinyl and try to use as much of it as possible. I actually cut three pieces of wood so I ended up making 3 signs with 1 cut out hello vinyl (please note the "I", husband showed me how and I did it completely without help and the lines are awesomely straight!). Place your vinyl on the board. *note: the third hexagon hello sign was made after I had finished the first hexagon hello sign. After I had removed the vinyl from the finished first board I realized that it was still really sticky, so I put it on another board. 
|2| Paint background color of choice (I did white) all over the hello. For this part, Captain Awesome insisted on helping me. And a fine job he did. 
|3| After the white (background) paint dried, I placed the hexagon stencil on top. Again, I used ugly drawer liner that we had lying around. It was a little thinner than the vinyl, so I made sure to be extra careful when painting. But no worries, none of the paint leaked under the stencil. 

And that is how you make a hexagon hello sign. I let it dry and then drilled very small holes so that I could hang it on the door. Now after I had taken of the hello vinyl from the sign above, I placed it onto another board and made another hexagon hello sign. 

Now for the hello sign above on the left, I painted white on the top of the stencil and mint on the hello letters. After the baste paint dried, I used painters tape to make triangle designs on top. 
If you just want to print out a hello sign, you can find a digital version in my shop HERE

Monday, July 14, 2014

Fabric Covered Magnetic Board and DIY Frame

Last week I shared this tutorial on the Ribbon Retreat Blog. Today I get to share it with you. 
Sometimes I feel like art projects and random papers are like ivy, they slowly creep all over the fridge until you can no longer see it. Thank goodness for the recycling bin, but Captain Awesome at the wonderful age of 3 is starting to become sentimental. So...we I decided we needed a place for all of his sweet scribbles and art projects. 
Solution: a magnetic board just for him. I also had this brilliant idea to make a frame for it, and I thought it would be super easy. That is, with the help of my husband. A lot of help that is. My wood shop skills are kind of rusty, so thanks to my wonderful and patient husband, he really helped me through this whole project. 
Fabric Covered Magnetic Board and Frame

Galvanized Sheet Metal (NOT aluminum - take a magnet with you just in case) - any size you want. If you are using a premade frame then measure the frame and then find metal that is close to that size. You might need to get special scissors to cut the metal to fit your frame. 
Multi-purpose Spray Adhesive
Wood - If making your own frame you'll need...
1x2 and 1x3 pieces of wood

Picture Frame - If using a picture frame

|1| lay your piece of metal on your fabric. Cut fabric piece so it's 2-3 inches bigger all around the sheet metal. 
|2| Make sure your fabric is ironed perfectly. *do this step in the garage, other wise you'll be cleaning up sticky gunk from the carpet and have a unhappy husband. If you are in a dirty garage, use an old clean sheet to lay your fabric on. On the old sheet, place your metal piece. Starting from one side of the metal, cover with spray adhesive one third of metal at a time. Now as you spray the adhesive on, carefully place your fabric wrong side down and smooth it in place. Spray another third and place more fabric. Repeat until you have completely placed the fabric on. 
|3| now turn the fabric and metal over. Starting on the short edges fold your corners as seen in the above picture. Then spray with adhesive the edge and pull the fabric over tightly. Then do the same to the long side. You can do this anyway you like really, just make sure to the fabric is tight on the main side. 

This is the part in the 'choose your own adventure books' where you get to choose your own adventure! are you feeling pretty lucky right now? you should. 
Step |4|a - Using a Picture Frame
Step |4| b - making your own frame
are you brave enough? heck yes, if I can do it (with a little hubby help) then you most certainly can to! 

|4|a. Using A Picture Frame
If you are going to use a picture frame, if the metal was to big for the frame, I believe you can get special scissors for around $8-10 that can easily cut the sheet metal. Now that the metal is the correct size, carefully remove the glass and place your metal inside. Then place back on the picture frame backing and your done. 

|4|b Making Your Own Frame

 Wood: I was planning on doing 1x3 for all four sidez, but we had a 1x2 laying around and I liked the idea of doing 1x2 for the sides and 1x3 for the tops. Originally I was going to make a frame as seen on the blog organize your stuff now. But because I decided to the different sizes of wood, that option was out. However, you can do that option if you like the more traditional look. See picture below to see what I did. 

[1] Cutting wood: We made the frame so that the metal would only overlap half of each side of the frame. 
For example, the metal was 24 x 36. Since I wanted the metal to over 1x2s by half their width (1"), the length of the top and bottom (1x3s). So I cut my 1x3s each 38". Once we measured the top and bottom, this left the 1x2s to each be 22". So in summary of my cuts were

Sheet Metal - 24x26
2 - 1x3s - 38"
2 - 1x2s - 22"
[2] Putting together: 
option a the most correct way to put a picture frame is to use a pocket hole jig - go here to see how to do this correctly. This allows you to put together the frame without any visible screws or screw holes. However, you have to purchase of of these jigs, and that wasn't something we wanted to do. 

option b: Another way of assembling would be to use brackets on the corners, as seen in this post here

option c: What we did - Start at one corner,  join one of the 1x2 perpendicular to the 1x3. Clamp the wood pieces to a table for stability if you are able. Now using a drill bit and drill two holes for the screws. 
In order to properly counter sink the screw, without splitting the wood, using a drill bit the of the screw head, drill a hole 1/4 of an inch deep (see image below). Now your ready to screw your screws in. Do this for all four sides. 
[3] wood filler and sanding: After screwing fill the holes with wood filler. Follow directions on package. I waited to sand after everything was assembled. You can sand after cutting or after assemblage. 
[4] Stain or Paint:  Before attaching the sheet metal, stain or paint the frame. I went with staining; I thought it would look great with the fabric I chose. 
[5] Attaching the Metal:  If you're still with me on this 'choose your own adventure', then shout for joy because we are almost done. I know this was the harder option, but you're going to feel sooo good after your done it's going to look great!

Ok enough talk. Place the sheet metal on the back of your frame so that it is perfectly spaced. 
In order to get through the metal, you're going to want to use a nail and hammer a hole through the metal. Then grab a screw and drill that screw into the made hole. Do this all around the frame. As you can see above, we did a generous amount of screws to hold the magnetic board in place. 
Now attach some heavy duty hangers and hang it on your wall and you are done!!! 
*can you spy what country boba fett is on?


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Another Polo Refashion

Remember a couple months ago I showed you the slouchy top [HERE] I made? Well around the same time I also did this polo shirt refashion. I was planning on doing a very simple refashion for this polo, but the color was just kind of funky and not working for me. However, after I made the slouchy top with the white front and striped fabric backing, I had the brilliant idea to do this with the polo. And it was such an easy solution too! and of course, there is a pocket!! 
Another Polo Refashion
Men's polo
about a 1/2-1 yard of solid color knit fabric

//1// First you'll want to cut up the polo piece by piece. So cut off the sleeves at the elbow, and cut off the back of the polo. Don't forget to cut off the collar.
//2// Grab one of your favorite knit shirts and the sleeves on top of the polo sleeves. Sew the sides of the polo sleeves.
//3// grab the back of your polo and lay it on your solid color knit fabric. Trace and cut the knit. Using your favorite knit shirt, cut your neck line to desired lowness.
//4// Grab your old knit shirt again and lay it on top of the polo back and knit fabric that you just cut out. Estimate where the shoulder seams lay and cut out. This part doesn't have to be perfect, just do your best. 
//5// With right sides together, sew your polo back and knit front at the shoulder seams and the side seams. 
//6// Next attach the polo arms (sorry no picture here). Insert arms inside the shirt with right sides touching. 
//7// Last steps are the hem the bottom of the shirt and to insert a neckband (go HERE for a great tutorial)
And your done!
And if you love pockets like me, you can always attach the polo's pockets onto the front of the shirt. 


Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sunshine Sunday: Why I Blog and Why I Create

Once in a blue moon I will lose interest in blogging. But, days or weeks past and then I'll feel the urge to write something. It is after those moments that I ask myself the questions:
"why do I blog? what keeps drawing me back?"
I know that not many people read what I write about, and those of you that do I'm always so touched to read your comments. Yet, this is a small blog and I still wonder sometimes what keeps me coming back with the knowledge that few read it.

As I think about it (probably too much), I always come back to the same conclusion, I do it because I love it (not for others), but more importantly because it helps me focus on me and how I can always improve myself. For me it is my outlet from everyday stuff. Sounds selfish right? I'm a mom, and to me that is the best thing in the world to be; I just really love being a mom. But it's so easy to forget about myself and to focus all my attention on my sweet little boys. And along with being a mom, it's so easy to get caught up on all the things that I'm doing wrong and comparing myself to others. Let me quote from one of my favorite talks by President Uchtdorf - Happiness Your Heritage, October 2008.
"To me it appears that our splendid sisters [women] sometimes undervalue their abilities--they focus on what is lacking or imperfect rather than what had been accomplished  and who they really are."
I feel that blogging is that outlet where I can record some of the things that I am accomplishing. Life can be so discouraging and full of challenges. How can we stay above water during the hard times and stay happy? How do we find the greatest kind of happiness? The greatest happiness is God's happiness, so how do we emulate that happiness? Again, President Uchtdorfs talks about this such happiness.
"Creating and being compassionate are two objectives that contribute to our Heavenly Father's perfect happiness. Creating and being compassionate are two activities that we as His spirit children can and should emulate." 
emphasis on the "Creating and being compassionate are two activities that we...should emulate". It doesn't have to be sewing, crafting, or cooking. It can be anything that is creating. Creating is part of our genetic code.

Webster's definition of the word create is:
"to make or produce (something) : to cause (something new) to exist"
and President Uchtdorf adds to this:
"Creation means bringing into existence something that did not exist before-colorful gardens, harmonious homes, family memories, flowing laughter."
Anyone can create! I think it's easy to stereotype and when it comes to the word 'create' we quickly apply it to arts and crafts. Yet is is more than that; It is writing, journaling, making music, cooking, teaching, gardening, making someone happy, keeping a clean house, making family memories, etc. Whatever we do, it is part of who we are and it brings us great satisfaction.
image via HERE

However, whatever we are creating, it is so important to remember that what we do doesn't have to be perfect. For me that happens all the time. Seriously, I should start posting all my failures. I probably could do blog just on my crafty and everyday failing endeavors. However, those failures make the victories that much sweeter. I'm happy when dinner works out, ecstatic when I fold the laundry in the same day, cheer when my 3 year old finally understands a hard (and long) taught concept, and I love it when a craft project actually works out as intended. It is so easy to get discouraged and feel like a failure. It is even easier to compare ourselves to others. I love this quote from President Uchtdorf:
"Don't let fear of failure discourage you. Don't let the voice of critics paralyze you--whether that voice comes from the outside or the inside."
But sometimes we just have to keep at it and never give up. Whatever our outlet of creativity is, we need it to help us through the rough days.  Whether it is blogging, crafting, playing the piano, or making some silly art project with Captain Awesome, creating  it is what I need. 

This is why I blog. I do it for me. It is me cheering for when things workout instead of failing. 

I highly encourage you to read the rest of the talk by President Uchtdorf Happiness Your Heritage. We all deserve to be happy and there are so many wonderful things that President Uchtdorf talks about that can help all of us be the happiest we can be.
what's your creative outlet? 

Please enjoy these two downloadable printables for free:
download this free printable HERE


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Lace Shirt Refashion - Grandma Style

I've been trying to go through my 'clothes that need help' pile lately and I finally got to this shirt 2 years later. If my husband knew how long I've hoarded somethings....He also said this was kind of fancy/old for me, like something my Grandma would wear. I took it as a compliment since both my Grandmas were classy ladies and had exquisite taste. 
This was a fairly straight forward and SUPER quick/easy refashion. 

/// I laid one of my other button ups on top and pinned where I wanted it brought in. 
/// for the arms I wanted then 3/4 sleeves so I cut them at the elbow. I still wanted the lace to be on the end so I cut the lace that was on the end of the sleeves and reattached it at the point I cut. 

And that's it. I love quick projects. I just wish I would have done it sooner. 


Sunday, June 29, 2014

Link it or Lump It Party

Hi Friends, happy, happy Sunday. Today we are lucky to be hosting Link it or Lump it Sunday Party. We're so excited to be part of this fun blog party. 

Your hosts for the party are:
Link It or Lump It Party Number 38, Delineate Your Dwelling