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Savvy Style

Skirt: Old Navy  Sweater: Target  Shoes: Delias Scarf: Sister =]

Something you'll become very familiar with and see as my trademark is my cheesy smile. Ask anyone in my family and they will tell you I have been doing it my whole life and don't plan on stopping it anytime soon. Anyway on to fashion...

So this outfit here was not a work outfit just a simple Sunday outfit. But as you can see I am a fan of color but tend to have a lot of black because as we all know it goes with everything and its a pretty common color in a legal department. So I threw a bright skirt into the mix, but there is no need to stop there. I don't know about you guys but I think these colors look awesome together. Actually it is kind of in style now to wear random colors together so be bold and brave and try out new colors.  If you are the kind of person who has a hard time throwing bright colors together cause your afraid they won't work I dare you to at least try these two together because I promise you they look awesome! And to top off the spunkyness (even though they are both black) I put on some exciting tights and some super cute shoes. Now these pictures don't show the shoes to well so you can go see them here at Delias, and they have other colors also.
Now here are a few bargain tips that I learned from the find of the items in this outfit. The sweater/cardigan and the skirt were only $6. Here is how I pulled that off. Everyone knows that Black Friday is this huge shopping day but have you ever tried going shopping a few days later. When it comes to clothes there is still a good amount of the stuff there and its marked down even more! Another great time for this is after Christmas, like a day or two before New Years there are tons of clothes that are marked down way more then usual. Obviously with these few tactics you have to practice a little bit of patience but I promise its worth it. So try these things out, be awesome and let me know if any of these ideas work for you.
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COMING SOON: Savvy Style

So, we're starting a new thing, and when I say we I mean me. I say we, because hopefully my sisters will join me on occasion (we all know I could use their help). Once a week, I am going to start posting an outfit I wore and give some tips from the little bit of knowledge I have on fashion and bargain shopping. Oh, and if you have some knowledge you would like to share as well, I am always open for tips, you can even guest-post here on Sisters, Sisters.

Now, if you’re someone like me who works in a business world, most of your wardrobe may be slowly becoming blacks, grays, and whites. I'll share some of my tips that help liven up my outfits a little bit. I might sometimes post an outfit just because I thought it was cute. But on top of all my great knowledge that you are going to receive (wink wink), I'll even be giving you some tips on how to find cute/new clothing for super cheap. I don't know about you guys, but I have a really hard time paying full price for anything except shoes. But thanks to my mother, I'll share some tips on how to still have a decent/stylish wardrobe while not going into debt. 

Now, I must warn you as you have seen in past posts, I am not great at modeling (my sister calls me an "awkwardly awesome" model). So, not only will I share a little bit of advice, you'll have comedy hour where you are free to laugh at my pictures to your heart’s content. So enjoy! Oh, and don't forget to keep being awesome!

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Heart Shaped Hand Warmer

So back a while ago someone gave Zac a heart shapped hand warmer (he is in the heart business). Anyway I thought I could recreate one easy. So here goes my first tutorial. I thought it would be perfect for Valentines Day. Wouldn't one of these be a great gift for someone you love?

Here is what you need:
*Red Fleece (for heart front)
*You could also use flannel for both front and back.
*Red Canvas (for heart back)
*Heart Template
*Rice (not brown rice...according to my sister it smells funny when you heat it up)

1. Cut out 1 heart from fleece and 1 heart from canvas.

2. Pin canvas heart to fleece heart. If you want a ribbon tag now is the time to pin it inbetween the two layers. I also like to pin the heart together at the V of the heart.

3. Sew heart together leaving a 2-3 inch whole for pouring the rice in.

4. Trim the tip off the bottom of the heart so you can get a good point to your heart.

5. Cut a slit right between the V of the heart. Helps it turn better.

6. Turn the heart right side out.

7. Pour in rice.

8. Sew hole shut. Not as pretty as I like it but oh well.
Now go throw that baby into the microwave for 1-2 minutes and warm your hands, feet or whatever! Enjoy. 

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Baby Quilt from Grandma Sweetheart

Marme makes quilts for all the grand babies. Luke just received his for Christmas. We all love it! My mom made it extra special by using some of the same material that she used on my wedding quilt (the blue, orange and green fabric). 
She even had his name embroidered on, as well her nick name-Sweet heart- is embroidered in. 
The Little one, loves, loves loves the quilt. He likes to point at the owls and the bright colors. I name the colors as he points and he laughs really hard when I say blue. 

Thank you Marme!!


Hearts on a String Garland

As history would have it, V-day and I don't really care much for each other. No fault of anyone, just bad luck and too much pink and red . I don't generally hate pink or red, I just can't stand the over abundance amount that is produced during the holiday. 
With that being said, I decided that this year, V-day and I are going to try again and start out fresh. 
Of course, terms were set and contracts were consciously signed.
1. Limited red and pink
2. Other colors must be equally included. After all, why can't love be represented with purple or blue (after all we do have blue blood running through our veins)
3. Nothing too lovey-dovey-mushiness
Thus, this was how my heart garland came to be under those strict terms. I used old scraps and didn't pick fabric out based on the usual V-day standards. I must say, I'm quite happy with my garland and when I look at it,  I don't feel the least bit hostile towards V-day. 


linking up to Rockin Valentine Party and here Tip Junkie handmade projects

Baby Shower for Twins

In November I was able to Host a baby shower for a great friend with the help of some friends and my Mom. Our theme was Two little Birds why, because she was having TWINS. A girl and a boy!  We kept the shower simple and had tons of fun.


We had the guests right thoughts on the diapers.
This was great.  Some said "Dad's Turn".  

We hung the diapers up so everyone could read them. 
And on the bird cage are recipes for my friend, her one request was for some simple recipes. 

Another Friend, decorated this cake. 
I couldn't get a good picture but that is a mini clothes line.

The one game we placed was figuring out was in the bag. 
We placed a small baby object in each bag.
They could feel and shake but that's it.

the "Infinity and Beyond" Scarf

*check out my updated tutorial here and new leather bound scarf
I really like stripes and I like scarfs.  As luck would have it, I just happened to find a striped shirt in the pile of "giveaway or redo clothes". Thus, inspired by this scarf here, I came up with this simple infinity scarf. Nothing fancy or original, but comfortable and a bit of relaxed class. 

I'm not so sure about the face Sierra is making, but she must thinking she is cool or something.
 p.s. in case your curious, Sierra is wearing this sweet sweater; everyone should make themselves one. 

to make one of your own:
1. find a knit shirt or skirt that is begging to be made into something else. The one that is never worn but would gladly go through a bit of surgery just to be worn again. 
2. Cut out long strips of fabric. I wanted to use as much of the shirt as possible, so I cut and sewed pieces together. I was able to do these dimensions: 

14 inches wide (before sewn into a tube)
50 inches long (after all the separate pieces were sewn together.)

3. if you have multiple pieces, sew together. Then fold in half hot dog style and sew. Then turn right side out.
4. fold nicely (iron if you like) one of the ends and then pin it over the other end. Then it will look like a big circle. Then sew it shut. 
5. For the leather part (I used pleather) cut a piece wide enough to wrap around the part that you just sewn together (sorry I forgot to measure the dimensions of the pleather it before I did it). 
6. then hand sew the pleather together. 

7. Next, wear that scarf like you own it and love it!

Go HERE to see my new leather bound scarf


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