' February 2012 - Sisters, What!

May the Force be with.... your brown lunch bags

Remember how I mentioned that it was our brothers that taught us all we know about Star Wars? Well, this post is in honor of them...actually my brother Dave get's the credit for all of it. Monday night he sent me these pictures of these Star Wars lunch bag puppets that he and some friends made. 
Proof that even guys can be creative with glue and paper if they have the right motivation.
 In this case Star Wars was their motivation. 
Every time I am in the company of my brothers (or hubby), Star Wars always seems to make it's presence at least once. Whether in a subtle reference to a character or a random quote that only Star Wars nerds would know. Sometimes, I don't think they realize that they do it; Star Wars is so integrated into every fiber of their being. 
Well may the force be with them and their families!
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Savvy Style: Red & Aqua

Red & Aqua
I don't know about you guys but I love these shoes (if anyone wants to buy them for me I wouldn't say no.. jk) but seriously I found them on this great site called Urbanog.com and I'm not sure about the clothes but the shoes are a decent price. Especially the boots, I think they are all under $30-$40 dollars which I think for boots is a great deal. Anyway this whole outfit was designed to be a good deal and look cute. All of the items are under $20 (except the bag). So enjoy and keep being awesome!

Jane Norman button shirt
£14 - janenorman.co.uk

Dorothy Perkins red pleated skirt
$12 - dorothyperkins.com

Ballerina flat
$17 - urbanog.com

Big Buddha messenger bag
$45 - piperlime.gap.com

Turquoise earrings
$11 - jcpenney.com

Mango cotton scarve
£18 - mango.com


Shabby Apple

Dresses from Shabby Apple

We have recently been invited by Shabby Apple to join their Affiliate Program. We are so excited to have them represented on our site. Not only do we love their cloths, we love what their company represents. Please watch the video below, it is truly inspiring.
                        Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
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Downtown Abbey Paper Dolls for true hardcore fans

Are you a Downtown Abbey fan? I am. Love it. Thanks to my sister for introducing it to me last year. I'm still working on getting the hubby to watch it (i'd think he'd love it). If you've never watched, then get to it (watch Season 2 here-I think Season 1 is on Netflix). I promise you won't regret it. It's one of my favorite masterpiece period pieces of late. The hubby would say I'm obsessed with period pieces, he's probably right. sigh. What can I say, I just love them. Good old fashioned humor and morals.


I recently discovered these paper dolls. They make me laugh. I seriously just might print them off....

You can see the rest of them here. The one below is my personal favorite. Poor Mr. Pamuk.

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Savvy Style: Snowboarding in style

Now obviously this is not real style tips but I think the lesson to be learned from these pictures is don't be afraid to wear what you want. Really the only reason I am posting this is because the first response I got from my sister after sending her this picture was "that is going on the blog". So here are two embarrassing pictures for you to laugh at and also for you to see  how much I haven't changed when it comes to what I wear under my snowboarding gear. Well I might be a little bit more stylish now but not by much. And yes the outfit on the bottom was worn into a Wendy's and yes my friends laughed at me..but hey I was more the proud of what I was wearing. 

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my first quilt square EVER!

I'm in Texas visiting sister Joy and she gave me my first quilt lesson. This is what I made:
I told her I wanted to do the easiest square possible, and this was pretty easy. It is going to be turned into a couch pillow. I love how it turned out. I've decided that it would be fun to make a quilt out of these type of squares in different colors...maybe one day. 

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Savvy Style: Summer on my mind

Summer on my mind

So when I created this outfit I really just was dying for summer but don't you guys think this outfit is so cute and so simple! Yes the shoes are way out of my price range but I have some just like them so I felt safe adding them to the outfit. Here is another great example of mixing colors and this summer would be a great time to practice cause lets face it summer means anything goes right?? And since we still are in February and summer really isn't that close yet you could switch the wedges to some cute flats and throw on a jacket and you would be good for the colder weather. Whoever says you can only wear these colors in the summer has no imagination. So go crazy, and don't forget to keep being awesome!

Cotton polyester t shirt
$30 - topshop.com

Miss Selfridge peach skirt
$46 - missselfridge.com

Stuart Weitzman black sandals
$365 - simplysoles.com

Red Herring lightweight scarve
£15 - debenhams.com

Ray-Ban wayfarer shades

Dorothy Perkins waist belt
$11 - dorothyperkins.com


Clutch, Bag, Lady's purse...something like that

 I first made one of these little bags in August just to learn how to make it and I found it so easy that I just had to make one for all my sisters for Christmas. They took some time, but they were fun to make. 
I used Noodle's gathered clutch tutorial and used this tutorial to add pin tuck pleats to the fabric (i did the pin tuck pleats before cutting out the measurements)
They are far from perfect, but my sisters are very forgiving of such details.


Savvy Style - Kid Edition

Since I have absolutely no style when it comes to dressing myself I thought I would share my cute daughter's outfit she wore to school today. She insisted on eating her snack while I took the picture. 

Headband (Target), Cream Shirt (Children's Place), Jean Jacket (Children's Place), Jeans (Costco...I know, I shop at the high end fashion boutiques), Boots (Target), Sugar Snap Pea (from our garden...yup just picked it today...yup...it's February. Love me some Texas)

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