' September 2012 - Sisters, What!

Quotes on Canvas Art

Here's another pinsperation finally complete. I've seen the quote canvas arts a few times, but I finally decided to do it after seeing it done by the blog Southern Belle Soul Mountain Bride Heart.

image via here
Don't you just love all what she did? She made it look so easy and quick, so I figured it would be a quick project - and it totally was!. You can find her tutorial here

My awesome sister helped me out again and printed me out some vinyl letters (I owe her big time) and I found this awesome large painting on canvas at Goodwill for only $3; Sweetness. Basically I used a ruler (yes, I was patient for once) and place the letters where I wanted them to be. 
*you don't need a cricut or silhouette, you can buy vinyl letters at Micheals and maybe even Walmart
 Then I painted over them. I thought the actual painting was to beautiful to paint over completely, so I left some to show in the background. After the paint dried, I removed the letters. 

quotes on canvas art
This was actually intended for the little ones room, but I loved it so much that I decided to hang it above our table. After all, I probably need this reminder more than he does right now. Maybe when he's older and can read I'll put it in his room. 

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Curtains to a Ballerina Skirt

***update: go here for tutorial
A Cinderella story...

So for a while now, I've been doing a bit of pinterest picture hoarding (let's be honest, that's what it really is) of tulle/ballet skirts. I just love everything about them. They seem so versatile; wear it to a nice event or put a  cardigan on to make it more casual. Basically I've been really wanting one. (go here to see the rest of my picture hoard ; )

Source: etsy.com via Havalah on Pinterest

So I finally decided to make my own. But like always, money is like a tight ship around here, so I had to be creative; really creative. A while ago I was at our local goodwill and they had some really old sheer curtains (perfect material for my skirt) for sale. They were kind of disgusting looking, but I decided to keep an eye out for "newer" ones in the future. When visiting my sister, I told her about my crazy idea and she just happened to have some beautiful sheer curtains that she was going to get rid of anyway. Now Joy keeps things in excellent condition, so I was pretty excited. 
Curtains to a Ballerina Skirt
The curtains were the perfect material, not sure what type exactly, but they don't fray and the material lays down nicely. And so, after a few nap times of sewing, the skirt was finally made. 

Total Price: (thanks to my wonderful sister) $0
Thank you Joy!!

The pictures really don't do the skirt justice. It's so comfy and it's not too fancy and it's not too casual. 

lyrics on the mirror

A friend posted this beautiful remade piano on Pinterest,  and I just just fell in love with it immediately (via Call me Kristen). One day I would love to have an old painted piano like this, but for now I decided that I could at least replicate the beautiful lyrics on something else. 
Image via here

We used to live near this amazing dump (i know oxy moron) where people would throw away really nice things (that should have been donated to goodwill). For big objects, people usually left them next to the dumpster, so it wasn't exactly dumpster diving, right? but trust me,  I'm not typically a dumpster 'diver', but it's hard to resist something that looks in excellent quality and has a potential for new life.
It was on such an occasion that we found a beautiful mirror that just needed a little face lift. Remembering the yellow piano with lyrics, I decided to take a go to do it on this mirror. 

free blog buttons

I made these quote buttons a while ago for our blog to share with others, but I completely forgot.
So here they are now; the perfect quotes to show your sisterly love. 
Sisters, Sisters

Sisters, Sisters

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A Mickey Mouse Birthday

My sister saw my late blog post on my personal blog about my son's 4th birthday that happened back in May. You may remember the invitation that I created and shared back in May.  She was shocked I hadn't shared it here.  But honestly I just posted it on my own blog so I am not that far behind for me.  This son is my baby but he is 4 and I am still in shock.  His biggest obsession is Mickey Mouse, one honestly that I feed because my other 2 boys were never interested in him.  When he was interested in a Mickey Mouse party I was super excited, I had so many great ideas but life happened.  So what I ended up doing was inviting all his friends over for a road rally. They all brought bikes of some sort and had a great time.  
The Party Hats
I wanted Mickey Mouse hats but you know how expensive those are.
So I ended up cutting ears from foam pieces and gluing them on party hats.

Vintage Mickey Mouse Poster
Costco has a great selection of Disney posters that they will print out at any size.
All I had to do was frame it and now it is over his bed. 

I borrowed some fun metal vintage movie displays from a friend.
 And bought Mickey Mouse figurines from Disney.com

The Whole Table

 Our Mickey Mouse Cupcakes
Cupcakes with big oreo's and mini oreos
Simple and fun.

 My Baby and I


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Pizza Crust...THE Pizza Crust

Pizza Crust Recipe

My sister texted me the other day asking that I post about my pizza crust recipe...I thought I already had. Sorry all! I must have shared the recipe somewhere else. This is my go to meal to take to friends after they have had a baby. I love this recipe because it is easy and I can make the pizza ahead of time then take it to them and they can cook it in their own oven so it is nice and hot. 

This recipe goes way back...I think I got the original recipe from a friend when my husband was just starting out in Med school...that was a good ten plus years ago! This pizza recipe quickly became a family favorite and we started having pizza every Friday night. After a while I even got brave and added a bit of my own flare to the recipe. Every time we eat pizza outside the home my hubby is always quick to add, "Yours is still better!" I am not always sure about that but it really is good...enjoy!

Pizza Crust:

1 Tbsp. yeast
1 Cup warm water
1 tsp. sugar
3 Cups flour
1 tsp. salt
2 Tbsp. olive oil
2 Tbsp. Parmesan cheese

In small bowl or cup combine yeast, warm water, and sugar. Then mix and set aside. In large mixing bowl combine the rest of the ingredients. Then add yeast mixture and stir as much as possible with a spoon. Kneed the dough by hand until smooth. Roll out and layer with any toppings you wish. In the pizza pictured above I had rolled out the dough bigger then the stone and put cheese into the crust (I just used cheese sticks) then folded the extra dough around the cheese. The hubby really likes when I add the cheese to the crust. Usually the crust is not so thick. The longer you let the dough sit on the stone the more thick your crust will be. I prefer the thin crust...so I throw it into the oven fast.

Bake at 425 for 13 minutes - I usually broil it for 1-2 minutes just to make it crispy on the top.

You don't have to use a pizza stone but I really do think my pizza crust is a bit better when baked on a stone. Yes, it is a Pampered Chef. I love it!

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Pinterest: Not just for pinning

I have to admit I LOVE Pinterest. It totally speaks to my organized mind. I love having a place to put all the things that I want to try. I love that no matter where I am I can access my Pinterest page (I use the app on my IPhone) and see what I need to purchase for any given recipe or project. I love love love Pinterest. That being said I need to also admit how much time I have spent on Pinterest and how many projects I have pinned and NOT made and how many recipes I have pinned and NOT made. So this last week I decided that I would change all that. I made my grocery list and picked a few recipes I found on Pinterest and went at it. Surprisingly I picked five winners. I will tell you all a little bit about each one and what I liked about it. Enjoy!

Chinese Beef with Broccoli

Zac and I made this one on Sunday for dinner. We had some friends over and didn't get to cooking till late so I was worried that we wouldn't eat till late since we were trying a new recipe. This was not the case. This recipe came together really fast. Because it does come together really fast I would suggest prepping each sauce and cutting both the meat and the broccoli ahead of time so that all you need to do is throw everything together as in the recipe.

It was so good. Everyone loved it...even my picky 2 year old. Plus I got points from my 8 year old for finally making homemade Chinese food. We will be making this one again. You can find the recipe and excellent tutorial here.

Parmesan Chicken Bake

This was yet another easy recipe but for a different reason. I made this one around lunch time and then threw it in the fridge till dinner time. Easy easy. The only thing I would change about this one it to cut the chicken breasts up into smaller pieces so that the topping can cover more of the chicken...it was pretty good. Also I added a scoop of mayo to the recipe...turned out wonderful and again all the family enjoyed and even asked for seconds. Find the recipe here.

Pepperoni Rolls 

This recipe was a bit more involved and required a bit of planning. I am not saying it was hard but it did require me to do some prep work. Yet again the family loved this one. I made all three bread rolls and we only ate one and a half. We also heated some marinara sauce and used it to dunk the rolls in. I sliced this baby up like a sweet roll. The kids loved it...the hubby said it was like fancy pizza. Will do again. Find the recipe here.

I just have to start off saying that I have a horrible track record with large hunks of meat. I either cook them too long and they are totally dried out or I don't cook them long enough and we end up having all the sides for Thanksgiving and no turkey. So this said I was a bit nervous to try this big hunk of meat recipe. Turns out I shouldn't have worried. This recipe was easy and fool proof. While everyone didn't like it...my 8 year old decided he doesn't like red meat sandwiches...not sure where that came from since he regularly asks for hamburgers...what ever. Everyone else loved them. My 10 year old even had seconds. Yum yum. Go check out the recipe over here

Homemade Thin Mints

This was a last minute try...my 10 year old wanted to make a dessert on Sunday about 30 minutes before dinner and this pin popped into my head. Only THREE ingredients and super yummy. The recipe claims that they taste super similar to the Girl Scout Thin Mints and I have to agree. They really were yummy. On top of being super delish they were also super easy and fast to make. Actually they were so easy that next time we make this (probably for Christmas) Anne will be able to make them herself...that easy. Go forth and enjoy this recipe here.

Ok that is my Pinterest review for the week...what are you all pinning and making this week?


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