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Harry Potter Quotes

To finish off our Harry Potter madness, here is a great source for some awesome printable Harry Potter quotes. Via Here

I hope everyone has a happy Halloween!
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Baby Shower - Harry Potter and Doctor Who Themed

So I have this amazing friend that loves all the same books, shows and generally "Geeky" things I do.  On her honeymoon her and her husband went to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, how awesome is that.  They are just the funnest couple I know.  Anyways we got to know each other  best through Pinterest where our common likes kept showing up. When I offered to host her first baby shower I asked about themes she instantly said " Harry Potter and Doctor Who." And was I excited.  Now I know most of our followers know about our families love for Harry Potter so I won't explain that. But how many of you have heard of the BBC show Doctor Who.  It is one of my favorite, scifi, fantasy, geeky, cheesy and clean shows.  How to describe it, Well that is a bit hard to do....so here is a link to a great youtube clip that explains Doctor Who well.  Doctor Who is actually one of the longest running TV shows. It started back in 1963 and if you want to figure out how it is still running....well I guess you will just have to watch it.  If you are looking to try it Netflix has all the "new" seasons starting in 2005 when the show started rebroadcasting.

Well on to the Baby Shower, I teamed up with another of Sebrina's friends who was instrumental in pulling most of the decor together, even though she had never heard of Doctor Who. She found some great items and ideas.

First I created the below invitation, using my digital scrapbooking and photoshop.  I found paper online with the Owl Post and added the Tardis which is the blue box the Doctor travels in.  (Just a tidbit so you have to go watch an episode to understand) 
My Friend moved to Alabama the week after the baby shower so gift cards were suggested to help her because they had all ready packed.

The cake and cupcakes made by my teammate.  The cupcakes are wizard hats for Harry Potter and Bowties for Doctor Who.  On the cake in the middle is key items from both Harry Potter and Doctor Who.  They were all found on Amazon.

To add a bit to the British theme we had yummy cucumber sandwiches.
And other delicious light snacks.

For Decor I pulled out my potions bottles that were made for my sons Harry Potter birthday last year.  A Tardis cookie jar was found. 
And you can't forget the Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver. It is hiding.

 Another Doctor Who item, Fish Sticks and Custard.  
(ok not really fish sticks, they were cookies) 
Idea was found HERE

  It was a lot of fun throwing this party.  

Sebrina even wore her Harry Potter robes and brought her husband's for me.

 For my gift I made a double side baby blanket for them.
While on their honeymoon they were both sorted into Hogwarts Houses.
Sebrina was sorted into Griffindor and her husband into Ravenclaw. 
So I made one side with Griffindor colors and the other side Ravenclaw colors.


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Gryffinder Tie Necklace

I just love this Gryffinder tie necklace. Over at Raegun Ramblings, she shows you how to make your own out of a tie charm. What an easy and subtle way to show off your Harry Potter pride.

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New Glasses

I'm going to take a quick break from Harry Potter and show you my new glasses. My usual pair have been getting pretty wobbly, so I've been wanting a new pair for a while. When I saw that Firmoo.com were offering free glasses for first time customers,  I decided to check it out. I was a little hesitant with ordering glasses without trying them on first, but I figured it was worth the risk. And as it turned out, it was well worth it. I got these ones right here.

Pros: The glasses I got are durable and a very good frame. 
Cons: they were a little bigger than I pictured, but I still really like them. 

So if you want or need some new glasses, I highly recommend you check out firmoo.com. Like I said, first pair is free!

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a Harry Potter Workout

How about a fun Harry Potter workout to make your daily exercise less monotonous. Watch any of the Harry Potter movies AND get a workout. And top it off with some Harry Potter workout gear:

Harry Potter text book and Printables

Double, Double, toil and trouble;
Fire burn and cauldron bubble.
Double double, toil and trouble
Something wicked this way comes!
- Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban

Harry Potter text book and printables
It's that time of year when I dust off all my Harry Potter decorations and set them up in the most ideal locations.  Upon cleaning out one of our chairs, one of my nephew's or niece's wands appeared. So I figured a book would be perfect to go with the much missed wand. 
Harry Potter a history of magic text book and printables
And psss...have you seen the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone illustrated version!! I'm blown away by the pictures!
Harry Potter text book and printables
I found {via HERE} a printable of many different Harry Potter text books  (you have to create a login but it's free) - Side note, have you seen those Harry Potter Coloring books!!

and p.s. you can now get this print in my shop:

Anyway,  I thought A History of Magic would be perfect. I modged podged it and then antiqued the book with some paint. The best part is the book I covered. It is an old readers digest with condensed children classics like: Alice in Wonderland, Huck Fin, the Prisoner of Zenda (which I've never heard of before) and one other. This is perfect for my niece who loves to read. Basically it's like being double nerdy. 
And maybe a Books turn Muggles into Wizards to carry all of these in:

Definitely go check out the website (you have to login but it's free and not spam), they have most of the textbooks covers mentioned in Harry Potter. But here are a few that are my favorite that I really need to print out:
For the kitchen:
Ah Gilderoy....
and just because:
maybe this one for the bathroom?
I could really use this one, sometimes life's a little foggy
not sure where in the books this comes from, but I like it.

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Make your own Wand

image via here
find a tutorial HERE. The wands are made using hot glue and chop sticks and beads. What? Yep seriously AWESOME!

And why not put that wand in a box and add this authentic label
via here
Definitely time for a new wand

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Starting now: 2 WEEKS of HARRY POTTER!!!

Last October 2011, we did the amazing series "31 days of Harry Potter" (go HERE if you missed it). This year, however, we just didn't have the time or stamina to do it quite like we did last year. Plus, one of our biggest Harry Potter fans just left on her mission, so without her it just wouldn't be the same. But, around this time of year, it's hard not to think of HP. So here is a smaller series for the next 2 weeks until Halloween. 
to start off:


Missionary Map and our Sister Missionary

The youngest of us Sisters has departed for 18 months and will be missed greatly. We are so proud of her decision to serve a Mission for the our Church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She is serving in the Kennewick Wa Mission.  Because of her choice to go on a mission I finally got around to finishing a project that I had wanted to do do for a long time. 
Sierra Pointing out her Mission

I first saw it on Pinterest with the original Found here.  And I really wanted one to inspire my own boys to serve missions.  I found a huge world map at Costco which also came with the United States map but I really wanted to do the world.  I then bought vinyl words from a great friend with a vinyl cutter.  The words are from a children's Primary song that the children learn in our church.  "I hope they Call me on a Mission, When I have Grown a Foot or Two" A small interesting Note: My boys sang this song in Church when my Sister gave her Mission Farewell talk.  They weren't on key or perfect but it was such a sweet experience for me.

 I wanted a World Map because I also got little red dots to stick on places where our family members  have served missions.  My brothers have both gone on mission's one served in Romania and the other Brazil. My brother in laws went to Columbia and Portugal.  My Dad went to Scotland and my Grandpa served in the Czechoslovakia. One Grandma went to the Southern States mission and the other to Las Vegas. And I can keep going on....  The point is I wanted to give my boys a viewpoint and understanding of how exciting and important it is to go on a mission.  I plan on printing out a list of each person and where they served but I haven't gotten that far yet.  There are 14 dots on our Map with Sierra being #15.  These included my Uncles and Aunts that served Missions, so my boys great Uncles and Aunts.

The Map
Close up of the Red Dots
Sierra is a wonderful Aunt and will be Amazing Missionary.
We are so grateful for her Example and Sacrifice!
The boys miss her but probably not as much as her Sisters


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