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Leather Bag Refashion

I recently found this leather Samsonite bag at goodwill. You'll never guess how much they were asking for it, never. Seriously, it was a thrifter's story book situation; the kind I've only heard about and read about. Stuff like this never happens to me. never
Vintage Leather Bag

 Here is the Perfect 'Happily Ever After' Bag story:
Once upon a time there was a young and happy mother. Like many mothers, she longed for the perfect all purpose mother bag - not too big and not to small. Some days she would find the perfect bag, but one look at the price tag turned the bag hideously ugly and distasteful to her eyes. On other days, she came across other mothers who had finally found their perfect bag, but alas either they made it or the bag was no longer for sale. 

Finally, the young mother decided she had had enough; she would just have to make her own. But, she knew that would be some time before that ever happened. Then one day, she chanced a stop at the local (and kind of scary) Salvation Army. It was there that her wish came true against all odds. There is no fairy godmother in this story, just a handsome husband with long arms, willing to make the effort to reach for a potentially gross bag. 

 That potentially gross bag turned out to be the perfect bag. It was dirty and gross, but the young mother saw it's true potential while the husband just smiled his uncertain smile. She reassured him she would only take it if the price was reasonable. 

 Nervously she went up to the cashier and asked the pivotal question "how much?" Sweat started beading down the back of her neck as the cashier slowly looked up from her old magazine. She stared at me and suddenly I pictured the evil queen raising her staff, ready to thwart my perfect bag happily ever after. How could someone do such a terrible thing? the young mother thought.

After what seemed like eternity, the evil queen turned back into the cashier and cooly said
"one dollar"
"one dollar?" I questioned back, to astonished to believe her. 
"Yep" was all she said and went back to her magazine.  
So I guess thrift store and garage sale miracles do happen to normal people after all. Above is a picture of what my bag looked like before I did anything to it, except mine gross and really dirty. I washed it really well and then what I couldn't get off I added some circle embroidery to cover up those spots (inspired by this pin here). Yes, the handsome and long armed husband was very impressed with the transformation.
 I also added some fabric to the zippers which I think completes the bag.
I love that there is a strap and that it's adjustable. 
I love that it zips up completely.
I love the color
I love that it has so much space for the size it is. 
I LOVE everything about it.   

If you are like me in search for the perfect bag, I wish that your dream may come soon come true

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  1. Looks great! Love the embellishments.


  2. I love the color! What a great find!

  3. Love the color!!

    Happy to be your newest follower! Found you through the blog hop.

    Hope you get a chance to check out my blog <3

    xo, Jersey Girl


  4. looks awesome! I love the sewn circles that you added! can't believe you got it for only a dollar!

  5. Great story...love the way you wrote it! Just found my dream bag at the Goodwill a few weeks ago. A red patent leather Gap messenger bag on sale from $5 to $2.50. You're right, sometimes dreams do come true!

  6. Cute! I love the stitches you added and how you made it unique for yourself! Love the yellow color, too!

  7. SO cute! I love the story you told with it :) What a bargain! I love thrift store shopping. The color of the bag is awesome. Thanks for linking up today!

    Lazy Saturdays

  8. What a great find! And such creative story telling. You did a fabulous job.


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