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Sewing and Quilting Week - Baby Blankets

Since last June, my family has welcomed 3 new little babes into the family. Two of them born only a day apart. Thus, my mom has been kept busy making some beautiful baby quilts. 
This first quilt was for my sweet cheeks little boy. She had a bit of fabric left over from my wedding quilt that she made, so she's been adding bits of the fabric into my two boys quilts. I love that all of our quilts have a connection. (see captain awesome quilt here).
This quilt was for my brother's first baby - a boy! I love the fabric and design, my favorite part is the quilting design. Can you see the surfer in the design? amazing what you can do with machine quilting. 
This next quilt was for my other brother's little baby girl. My mom decided to try something new and went with a scalloped pattern. I absolutely adore everything about it. It sort of reminds me of dragon scales which is totally awesome. Mom, if ever have a girl...*hint hint
I also had to share the baby quilt that my sister in law for their new little girl.  
Just because we're talking about my sister in law, I just had to share this recent quilt she made. 

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