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DIY Home hello sign

Learn how to make your own DIY home hello sign. It's easy to do and can be made with a silhouette machine or cricut

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I recently saw this hello sign at Snap Creativity and just fell in love with it. We needed something new for the door and nothing says hello better than a hello sign. I mean this sign is literally saying hello. Anyway, I had really fun making it. I recently have been loving the shapes trend and hexagons have been calling to me, so I added some hexagons to my sign. 
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My sister sent me this pic - I sent her a hello sign for her birthday. Looks great on her side table. 
wood home hello sign
And I made these two for my sister in law.
DIY home hello sign

DIY Home Hello Sign

8 x 12 plywood. It doesn't really matter the kind. You can get different thickness and quality at Lowes or                  Homedepot. They are pretty big. You could really use any type of wood though. 
Hello cut vinyl - I used a sillhouette to cut my vinyl. - You can go HERE to download the Pacifico font or go            HERE to download my sillhouette document I made
Hexagon stencil - I made my own stencil using dresser drawer liner but vinyl works too (I just happen to run           out) go HERE to download my sillhouette stencil
Various paint colors

Step 1: 

Above is the piece of wood. place your vinyl on the wood. I hate wasting vinyl and try to use as much of it as possible. I actually cut three pieces of wood so I ended up making 3 signs with 1 cut out hello vinyl (please note the "I", husband showed me how and I did it completely without help and the lines are awesomely straight!). Place your vinyl on the board. *note: the third hexagon hello sign was made after I had finished the first hexagon hello sign. After I had removed the vinyl from the finished first board I realized that it was still really sticky, so I put it on another board. 
how to make a hello sign

Step 2:

Paint background color of choice (I did white) all over the hello. For this part, Captain Awesome insisted on helping me. And a fine job he did. 

Step 3:

After the white (background) paint dried, I placed the hexagon stencil on top. Again, I used ugly drawer liner that we had lying around. It was a little thinner than the vinyl, so I made sure to be extra careful when painting. But no worries, none of the paint leaked under the stencil. 
paint a hello sign
diy wood hello sign home
And that is how you make a hexagon hello sign. I let it dry and then drilled very small holes so that I could hang it on the door. Now after I had taken of the hello vinyl from the sign above, I placed it onto another board and made another hexagon hello sign. 
make a hello sign with a silhouette
Now for the hello sign above on the left, I painted white on the top of the stencil and mint on the hello letters. After the baste paint dried, I used painters tape to make triangle designs on top. 
how to make a hello sign

If you just want to print out a hello sign, you can find a digital version in my shop HERE
DIY Hello sign wood


  1. This is so cute. I might try it myself!

  2. Love the one with the woodgrain showing through!!!

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  5. So cute! I love the woodgrain peeking through. Thanks for linking up with us at The Makers. :)

  6. Oh thats really nice and friendly. Cute little project.
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