Embroidery Hoop Thread Organizer - February Pinterest Challenge - Sisters, What!

Embroidery Hoop Thread Organizer - February Pinterest Challenge

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organize thread on an embroidery hoop
For my pinterest challenge this month, I decided to do something that would make me be organized. I'd like to think I was somewhat of an organized person, but to be honest:
And so I picked one thing that needed a some organizing love: my party loving threads drawer.. Honestly, the drawer is kept shut, out of sight out of mind, so it hasn't bothered me too much. But after multiple opening and closing, the threads were starting to get a little too intimate with each other.  

A couple of years ago I came across this simple and cute a embroidery hoop thread organizer on U-Create done by Yellow Spool. I've been wanting to do it for a while now, but just haven't gotten around to it. But now I have and it was a very quick project, like 10 minutes. 

The one thing I did differently (by accident) was get the wrong size dowel. The dowel I got was slightly bigger than the 1/8th  dowel used in the actual tutorial, but it still worked out (yes, I was too lazy to go back and get the correct size - sometimes one can only go back to Joanns so many times in a week).
Embroidery Hoop Thread Organizer

How to organize thread on an embroidery hoop


1/8" dowel (can be found at Joann, Lowes or Home Depot)
||1|| cut the dowels into pieces of 3 1/4". You can cut going all the way around and then snapping, or just cut all the way through. 
||2|| loosen the fastener at the top of the hoop and then start to evenly space the dowels around inside the hoop. You'll probably have to slide a few of the dowels around after putting them in the hoop because the spacing will be tight.. 
||3||  After you have then all where you want them to be, carefully set the whole thing upside down (so bottom side is up). Place a small amount of wood glue on each dowel. Let dry. If you need to, you can apply more later. 
I probably need to make another one for the rest of my thread, but for now, it's so nice to have all the threads separate and organized. 
organize thread on embroidery hoop

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  1. Did it turn out beautifully? yes! Do the threads fit on the dowels ? yes! I'm pretty sure a slightly different dowel size is not big problem here!
    I love organising projects that are pretty as well as practical.

  2. Thanks Julia, I too love organizing projects that are practical and pretty.

  3. Super cute, and in my experience, I use things 100Xs more when they are within eyesight.

  4. Awesome idea. When I organize the small things, it makes the big things fall into place easier. :)

  5. That's a really fun idea. I have sewing friends who would go nuts over it, but many of them would need a wall full of them for all their thread. I met the Aurafil thread guy, Alex Veronelli, recently at a conference in Texas. :)

  6. I completely agree! I still have quite a few more spools that didn't make the cut, but they are colors I don't use as much, but I hope to make a few more of these. But if I sewed more often, then this probably wouldn't cut it for me.

  7. thank you! Yes, I totally agree. It's been so nice having the tread more accessible.

  8. thank you! yes, I think it's kind of like art too.

  9. Love your creative idea to organize thread - it looks beautiful and makes me which that I was more creative :)

  10. This is really clever! Now your thread can be on display and pretty!

  11. This is such a smart idea!! I love that your thread is all in one place. And embroidery hoops are just cute! :)

  12. Such a great beautiful idea! Thanks for linking up at Motivational Monday! Hope to see you link up again tonight.


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