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Mothers, Sisters, a Printable, and a Giveaway

God gave us families printable
As I was writing this post, I realized today it's my 8 year wedding anniversary. Don't worry, I'm not now just remembering this, we do have a really great movie and big bowls of ice cream. After a day with 3 littles, this is kind of our dream date these days. 

Anyway, this week we have some fun giveways and posts for you in honor of mothers day this week. 
Along with my dad, my mom was my #1 fan and supporter. She taught me how to clean, do laundry, cook and basically be domestic, but I didn't realize how much she actually did for me until I moved out and then even more so when I got married.  She was selfless in all she did to take care of us 6 kids. 
I also must credit my sisters (and sisters in laws) as being some of my greatest examples of being a mother and a good person. Being one of the younger sisters, I'm so lucky to learn from their example. Even Sierra (not yet married) is such a great example to me of love and selflessness. Seriously, I love my family.  
When we realized I was pregnant with our first, we could hardly believe it. Now 4 years later, we have been blessed to have 3 littles. Being a mother is definitely a 24 hour gig, but it's the kind of job that I don't ever wish to quit. One of my favorite songs is a children's song that we sing in our church called "The Family Is of God" and the chorus sums up what I feel about my family:
God gave us families printable
Whether it's your mom, sister, brother, husband, or children, we really do need families to become better people. Because I love these words so much, I made a printable for you. 

 Download at these links: a color version and a black version
God gave us families printable
Mothers day isn't just for those who have children, I strongly believe it's a time to celebrate all woman. Some can't have children of their own but they can still be a mother in someway. So let's start this week with this fun $300 target shopping spree.  

This giveaway could not be possible without all these fabulous hosts featured below so be sure to stop by and give them some love.
a Rafflecopter giveaway Do you know a deserving mom who would love a Target giftcard? Be sure to share with all your friends!

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  1. So sweet! Happy Anniversary to you! Movies and ice cream... nothing better :-) Cheers!

  2. Very sweet. Family is everything to me, and I love reading how close you are to yours. Happy Mother's Day!

  3. That's a great sentiment, it's not just a day to appreciate your mom but all the wonderful women in your family be they people moms or moms on other ways!


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