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Trolls Princess Poppy Costume Lillian Pattern

This fun princess costume is perfect for all those Troll fans out there. This Princess Poppy costume was easy to make and can be worn throughout the year as a dress up costume. 

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DIY Princess Poppy Dress Homemade Costume
Last year, my little girl was really into trolls. So it was a no brainer that she would pick Princess Poppy for her costume. I decided last minute to be a troll with her, which was a really easy costume to quickly pull together because of a few items in my closet and some temporary spray hair color. 

Little girl trolls costume princess poppy adult troll
So I some reason did get very many pictures of her last year on Halloween day, but she wears her Poppy dress and troll wig all the time so I was able to get some pictures of her this year.  It was actually really fun planning her costume. I figured we could make her skin "look" pink by finding a bright pink long sleeve shirt and leggings. For the dress I used the Lillian Pintuck shirt (like I used here for her Sarah Jane Magic unicorn dress)

 For mine, I had a pink dress in my closet and put on some old mint tights. But my favorite part were my sisters old flowered Doc Martins. 
DIY Princess Poppy dress pattern Lillian Mouse House Creations

Princess Poppy Homemade Dress


Bright Pink Leggings
Kona Solid Teal
thick pink yarn

Homemade Poppy Dress made out of Lillian Pintuck Dress Pattern from Mouse House Creations 

I got a dark blue/green Kona solid fabric for the base part of the dress. Then I cut out a wave pattern out of a aqua color for the bottom of the dress. I also cut out tear drop patterns and sewed a zig-zag stitch to sew them above the wave directly on the dress. 

I wanted the dress to still look nice so she could wear it again for church and everyday. And she totally does. I don't think I would have gone into so much effort if I knew she wouldn't wear it again.

No Sew Version

If you don't want to sew the dress, I suggest finding a plain blue dress. Then get some mint fabric and cut out the designs for the bottom. Then simply glue designs on with fabric glue or hot glue. 

Trolls Dress Lillian Pintucked Mouse House Creations Costume

Homemade Yarn Wig

DIY Yarn Wig Troll Hair Crocheted Hat
For the wig, I based it on some instructions a friend told me for when she made troll wigs for her family. I sewed a simple crocheted pink hat as the base of the hat. Then I determined how long I wanted the hair to be and tied yarn to the bottom of the hat all the way around. Just one row of that. Then I brushed out each strand of yarn. 
 It was easier to make than I imagined. She still wears it ALL the time, even during the summer she would wear it inside to play. I made the whole costume with the hope she would wear it over and over again, and she totally does.
DIY Yarn Hair wig crocheted hat base
Little girl Princess Costume Princess Poppy from Trolls Movie
Princess Poppy Trolls perler bead pattern

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