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How to Sew an easy diy Donut Bag or No Sew donut bag

This fun fabric donut tote bag is easy to make and requires none or optional little sewing. Learning how to sew or no sew a fabric donut is easy to do. You can choose to do all of it with or without sewing. It makes a great personal gift for that friend or teacher who loves donuts. 
diy donut bag how to sew a donut bag
Oh, boy, this bag is from about 3 years ago when my son was still in school. How has the time gone so fast without me ever writing about it! More than ever, we need donuts. ok, maybe not need, but it's definitely a strong desire. Anyway, this donut bag is fun and very easy to make. And, contains zero calories. Yep, zero, since it's not edible...but you knew that right? I really didn't need to point that out to you, but I know that in desperate times, we all hope for the absolute impossible to actually be real. Sorry, but you have my permission to go get a real donut. 

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You can see the other side has fabric letters. I made the bag for my son's teacher a few years ago. She loved donuts. See Tutorial for the fabric letters here
how to add fabric letters to bag
diy donut sewing pattern
Back to the bag. I used a simple, plain canvas and added the donut embellishments to the outside. I did do some sewing, but I also used fabric glue for other parts. So, technically, you could do all sewing or all fabric glue. Totally up to you and your preference. This might make an excellent Valentine day gift. 

easy donut sewing bag with sprinkles

How to Sew a Fabric Donut Bag

  • Blank Canvas Bag
  • Fabric – a brown color for the donut, a contrast color for the frosting, some various colors for the frosting.
  • Fabric Glue

Step 1: Cut Donut Fabric

First, find a large mixing bowl and place on your bag to see if it’s a good size for the actual donut. If it seems like a good fit, trace a circle with it on your donut fabric. Then find a smaller bowl to trace the inside of the donut.
step 2 cut donut frosting

Step 2: Donut Frosting

Place the donut onto the intended frosting fabric and cut out the shape. Then, cut waves around the outside of the frosting.

Step 3:

Then place the frosting part of the donut on top of the donut. The waves should be cut enough so you can see the bottom donut. Then glue it to the top of the donut. If are sewing, sew the outer edge of the frosting and the inner circle.

Step 4: Add Sprinkles

Now take the various colored fabric for the sprinkles and cut them into little rectangles. Once you cut out a few of each color, lay them out where you want them then glue them with the fabric glue.

Step 5: Add Donut to Bag

Finally glue the whole donut craft to the bag. Again if you are sewing it on the bag, this would be the time to sew the outer part of the donut and the inner part to the bag. And then you're done!!
how to make a fabric donut

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