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DIY Painted Tree Flour Sack Tea Towels

Painting and decorating your own tea towels are easy to do. DIY painted tree flour sack tea towels are quick and require no previous painting skills. 

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how to paint on dish towels
Do you follow me on Instagram? If, so you've probably seen me share these on there already. Are you a tea towel or flour sack towel person? I guess the real question is, if the answer is yes, which do you prefer to call it? :). We received quite a few tea towels for our wedding that were hand embroidered and I was so touched by the gift. Even the cat ones (despite cats not being my thing). They were well done and I knew so much love went into them. 

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acrylic paint on tea towels
Fast forward 14 years, many of our tea towels are holey and well beyond used. They have definitely needed to be replaced for a while. Two years ago I painted these colorful tea towels that I love to use. I found an extra white one in my craft supplies and was very inspired by my diy tree wrapping paper, I decided to do the same to my white tea towel. 
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I enjoyed painting it so much and it only took me 5 minutes to do! I was so pleased at the result. 
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DIY Painted Tree Flour Sack Tea Towels


Step 1:

You can add a fabric medium, but I have found that acrylic is very permanent and doesn't wash out in the wash. Water down  your colors but not so that they are quite watercolor consistency. 

Step 2: 

Paint your trees. There isn't a way to do it better. I simple did stick trees and I love it. Let dry and wash and use. 

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