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Homeschool Packing List for Travel Schooling

Traveling while homeschooling doesn't have to require bringing all your books and supplies. Keep it simple and pack only the essentials. 
how to pack for traveling homeschooling

Homeschool Packing List for Travel Schooling

Packing for a trip can be overwhelming, but if you're going on a big trip, or you're flying, you don't have much room to pack. I want to bring everything, but I know that's not necessary. Prepare for the trip as much as possible by studying and reading. Then when you are ready for the trip, you won't need your learning books, just let your travels do the teaching. 

I just took my older kids to Poland to visit my parents who are serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It was a very big trip for all of us. We have been on a lot of trips, but this one definitely is the biggest. 
Here is what we pack on most of our homeschool trips and was essential for this one. 

A Good Backpack

    We just got these product of the North bags and I love them. They're comfortable and high quality. They're also made locally in the Pacific Northwest in a sustainable way.  We used the Elkin and the Weekender


  You can download them to a phone or tablet and let your kids follow along in real time where you're going. My kids really loved seeing us move around the map and see the different locations we were going. This was a great part of learning the local geography for them. 

Small Notebook 

   There will be down time with travel, and a notebook is a great way for them to 'narrate' or remember what they saw. They can use it like a journal or draw pictures. It's completely up to them. 
Buy here: Notebooks

Travel Pencils and Sketchbook
    Each of my kids has their own set of color pencils and pencils. They have each taken turns making each other these pencil rolls. They take them everywhere with them along with a sketch book. 
Make here: Pencil Roll 

Math pages

    I'm one of those mom's who has them bring some math. Like I said, there was plenty of slow, long hours in the car and the plane. I figured they could do a little math and then play games on the ipads. I didn't want the bulk of their actual books, so I had them cut out some pages and stapled them together. They were actually glad to get some math done even though it was a break from school. 

IPAD or tablet

    I limit my kids screen time, but this ended up being really essential for my kids. They only play games a minimal amount, the ipad was mostly used for listening or reading books. My oldest wanted to bring so many books, but he didn't have enough space so I downloaded some ebooks. But, I think all my kids really enjoyed having a book to listen and being able to look outside at the country side. 
what to pack for homeschool travel

Travel Watercolor Set

    We love to watercolor while we travel and it's a great thing to take anywhere you go. We often use watercolor pens, that hold the water. It's not as good as a real brush, but it's great for kids and not worrying about spilling water. My daughter enjoys this the most and while most trips we get this out, we actually didn't find time for it while in Poland. I think that's because I also brought embroidery. 


    Watercolor and embroidery are the perfect crafts to bring on a trip for kids AND adults. It's perfect for a car trip or on an airplane. I actually ended up embroidering parts of my blundstone boots while on the trip to Poland. Yes, it probably looked weird to those looking on, but it was a great 10 hour airplane project. 

Card games

    A small deck of cards doesn't take up too much space and can be played anywhere. When we go in the car, we'll bring a few more types of card games. Cover your Assetts is one of our all time games to bring everywhere. 

Digital camera or old phone

    Since my kids don't have their own phone, they loved having the chance to take their own pictures. I have an old phone and old digital camera that I brought for them to share. It was so nice for them to take their own pictures without them asking me to take pictures for them constantly. 


    I didn't actually think we should bring these because of their weight, but my son insisted and we actually used them quite a bit. There is so much to see with binoculars everywhere you go. 
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Zipper bag 

    I got this idea to bring a zipper back as a way to collect any lose pamphlets or tickets that the kids wanted to keep for their journal. I was so happy we had this. It kept our suitcases clean of random papers and clutter. 
Buy here: Zipper Bags

Ok, that's my list. Do you have some homeschool travel essentials that I didn't add to the list? 
traveling essentials for homeschooling

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