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Men's Polo Refashion Tutorial

If you saw my glass' post, then you've already seen this shirt (which was done a while ago). I've seen many polo refashions before, but I haven't really had any men's polos to try them on, until recently when the husband got rid of a few. 
This was probably the easiest and quickest shirt refashion that I've ever done. And it's now one of my favorite and most comfortable shirts. 
I didn't want to deal with removing the frontal buttons and having a really scooped necked shirt so I decided to just keep the buttons and make them the back of the shirt. Yes, it's a little different to have the buttons down the back, but super comfortable and I think it looks better that way. 
1. Decide the shape you want and sew in the sides and arms to fit you accordingly. 
2. Carefully seam rip the collar off. 
3. then carefully fold down the seem of the top collar and sew. And your done.
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Shabby Apple 20% off code

Dresses from Shabby Apple

Looking for the perfect holiday dress? Check out Shabby Apple, they are having a big sale until Wednesday, November 28th. Just use the code JOYFULSEASON to get 20% off everything!!!

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Fabric Bookmark tutorial

**UPDATE find updated fabric bookmark tutorial HERE

Do you have a someone who loves to read? this is a perfect gift for that special someone who loves to read - I'm one of those people who loves to read but I'm always looking for a bookmark and grab whatever scrap of paper is on hand. I love these bookmarks because they are so fun and make for great bookmarks. 
First gather your supplies:
Two coordinating fat quarter of fabric
ribbon (I used the vintage ribbon)
medium or heavy weight pellon stabilizer
pinking shears
1. First cut your one from each of your coordinating fabric: I cut mine at 8x3 (but you can do whatever size you want) 
Then cut your stabilizer: you want it about a 1/4 inch smaller than your fabric
Ribbon: about 4 inches
2. Layer all your pieces: 
First fabric piece (face down on table)
ribbon (folded in half while sticking out)
The other coordinating fabric face up
3. Pin and sew your pieces together around the perimeter-sew with about 1/2 inch seam allowance. If you like, an inch in to add a quilted look. 
4. Last step, take your pinking shears and cut around the edge, and your finished! 
quick and easy and awesome!

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photo edits: adding an opaque box behind words

A little bit ago I showed how to crop an image to any shape. Today I'm going to show how to add an opaque box behind letters. I'm not sure what else to call it... Basically it is a nice thing to do with words on top of an image. 
Skill Level: Super Easy
Again, this is a tutorial using Photoshop Elements
Click the heart image on the left (custom shape tool)
Just like the cookie cutter crop tool, select 'shapes' on the list. Then select square shape
put on top of the image and situated it how you want it. 
Now select the eraser. Then at the top middle, change the opacity to 45%  (well you can play with it, but that's the percentage I like to do)
Next, in the layers, make sure you have the shape selected. Then start erasing. 

So easy!

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The Ballerina Skirt Tutorial

Ok here it is finally, the Ballerina Skirt tutorial! In case you missed the previous post about the skirt (here). This skirt is made out of curtains and a left over white knit shirt. Seriously, it was such an easy skirt to make and it is SUPER comfortable. 

- 3- 4 yards of sheer material (like chiffon, sheer crepe, tulle, etc.) - preferably fabric that doesn't fray
- a large white knit shirt or a yard of knit fabric. 
- thick white elastic (the width of your waist or where you want the skirt to sit), or knit fabric  

1. Cut your big piece of sheer - I cut it about 110 inch wide (which is about 3 yards)
2. Now take your knit shirt or fabric and sew into a tube (I did mine in an a-line shape). The top width of the tube should be the width of your hips plus a 1/2 inch. I made my length to go below my knees, so figure out how long you want it and cut to that measurement 
3. Now your going to cut strips of sheer - around 80 - 110 inches (they are going to be turned into a ruffle  Then sew a base stitch (the longest stitch length) on each strip and gather until it is the same width as the tube of the knit skirt. 
4. After gathering your strips, pin onto the knit and sew it into place. Start at the bottom of the skirt and work your way up. 
5. Now back to the big sheer piece; first sew it into a tube. Then do a base stitch on the top and gather until it is the width of your hips
6. Pin the sheer skirt to the top of the knit and sew the two layers together. 
7. Now add your thick elastic using a zig zag or serpentine stitch. The trick so your elastic is evenly spread out, is to stretch it as you go. I even go as far as pinning the mid points of the elastic and the skirt. If you wanted to use knit fabric instead of elastic, just cut a piece (add #) and fold hot dog style. Then sew on as you would the elastic using the zig zag stitch (except you do not need to stretch as you go) 
And there you have it - a ballerina skirt for you! The great thing about this skirt, is that you can change the measurements to make it for you or for a little person. 
Happy Dancing and Living!

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Harry Potter Pumpkin Pasties

Last year around Thanksgiving I was reading a blog written by a friend of mine. I knew Lolli (not her real name) when my husband and I were in Med School. Anyway, that particular day she had posted about making Harry Potter Pumpkin Pasties. I decided that instead of pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving I would make Pumpkin Pasties. So glad we did. They were so so yummy and really fun to make. These are so perfect for kids and even better for the mom who just wants to pop something yummy into her mouth without all the kids seeing. This will for sure be a family tradition. I happened to take some pictures of Anne and my mother in law putting them together but if you want a better tutorial with way better pictures go over and check out Lolli's blog here

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