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About Us

First things first: 

Where did we get the name Sisters, Whats!
We got the name from the show Psych; yes we're big fans. Shawn (the fake psychic in the show) and his best friend Gus, often say to each other "What!" So somehow we came up with the name Sisters, What! It's not a question, but an exclamation. 

Why do we love pineapple so much?
We've always loved pineapple, I mean who doesn't right? But we love it even more so because of Psych. At least once every episode, a pineapple makes an appearance. (Check out our Pineapple Pinterest Board)

Not long after we all moved out of the house and left on our own adventures, we ended up strewn across the country. For fun, we started this blog as a creative outsource of mind blowing thoughts, sewing to simple craft projects. Now it's just Havalah who blogs (and occasionally Sierra)

 If you so dare, stay a while, stalk me, laugh with me, or just say hello. I promise that you will find some great stuff...or maybe just a bunch of silliness : ).

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